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Note: I haven’t done any updates to this page since about 2009 – but I’ve left it on the site as most of the games are still available today – and to remind me of some of the great wins I had on them!

(If I EVER get the time, I will add some more Funky Slots at a later date!)




I’ve been playing online slots regularly since 2005 and had some great fun & super hits! (see KKResults for some of my best screenshots).  Most of my play has been at Crypto’s or Microgaming – undoubtedly the slickest slots in the business! But the majority of their slots are pretty ‘samey’ and can be a bit dull after a while.


However in 2007 I discovered something a bit different at Grand Virtual casinos. For all I know they may have been around for ages, but I hadn’t seen them before.  I soon discovered that they had some of the funkiest slots on the internet, and that inspired me to create this page!  So here I review what I consider to be the funkiest slots, not just at GV, but at most of the other softwares I’ve played on too.

Sadly ALL Grand Virtual casinos were closed in 2013 – but I’ve left the details on this page because I have so many fond memories of playing their very unique games.


Funky = Innovative idea, Great graphics, Great sounds, Big payouts, or all of the above!


If you know any other funky slots, please let me know & I will consider adding them – thanks!


KK @


Click on any of the images below for a full-size picture. (Maximise window for clearest view).

Nearly all the shots are from my own real-money play J


All of the slots can be played in ‘fun’ demo mode – just click on one of the casino names listed, download the free software, and off you go!  (Most can also be played in your browser = no-download).



Most of the world can play at these casinos, including the USA at some!

Look for this little banner:





Click on images for full-size view

Rival Gaming

(No play from Canada)

Click on images for full-size view



I almost fell off my chair when I hit my biggest win ever on Dec-30 2008; $2002 (from a $6 spin).

Baby Boomer’s Cash Cruise

This is the best of the i-Slots (Interactive Slots) in my opinion; You start in the ‘Travel Agency’ – hitting 3 scattered ships takes you to the bonus wheel where you will win a cash prize or a holiday to one of three very different locations. Each location has its own new set of reels, and features to be won, from Skeet Shooting to Bingo!

Jackpot: = 5,000 x bet.



This one hit with the 3 expanding wilds paid

A whopping $433 from just a $1 spin…!

Cosmic Quest; Episode 1

This space-age i-Slot has two great features; 10 free-spins with the trademark Rival expanding wilds on reels 1, 2 & 3 – get all three like in my shot to the right & you’ll be in for a mega win! The second feature lets you pilot a space craft though an asteroid belt – the more you zap, the more you win!

Jackpot: = 5,000 x bet.



This player got an amazing result; $769 from a triggering spin of just 60c!!!


Scary Rich (1)

This was the first of the Rival slots to feature the concept of expanding wilds during free-spins – and it still remains their all time most popular slot! But be warned, it’s not called scary for nothing – mega high variance means it is not a slot for the squeamish – if you don’t hit those wilds… you’re dead.

Jackpot: 5 Wilds = 10,000 x bet.



This was great! I hit the 3 wilds on the first spin & won $337, then I hit the Burger Bonus for another $120 and finished the free-spins with $458 from a $1 bet.

(Click image to see the final result)

Jacques Pot; Gourmet Slot

Another unique Rival innovation; this one has two features, but the second one (Burger Making Bonus) can only be triggered from within the first one (10 free-spins)! On average you should get the second bonus once in about every 2 or 3 lots of free-spins. The Burger Bonus usually pays very good; 120 to 200 x total bet. If you don’t get it, you better pray for the expanding wilds or you might win zilch.

Jackpot: = 1,500 x bet.



I hit the Diamond Mine feature during the free-spins for extra big prizes; $300 from a $2 bet.

Jenny Nevada; Diamond Temple

This slot has two great bonuses; win up to 50 free-spins for 5 scatters, or trigger the Diamond Mine bonus and explore the caves for valuable gems. This second feature can potentially go on for ages – it only ends when you make a wrong turn!

Jackpot: = 5,000 x bet.



I found the special jet for a mega-bonus!

(Bottom centre)

Golden Man

Golden Man sees your super-hero take on the baddies single-handed to save the world. Again 2 great features to shoot for; 15 spins at x3 or face a squadron of evil jets – zap the ‘special jet’ for an extra big prize (see right).

Jackpot: = 5,000 x bet.



A ‘shoot em up’ scene from Reel Crime – blast the targets for prizes & to advance to next section.


Note: These I-slots are very low variance slots – no mega wins here, but they are great fun and you’ll get a lot of playing time for your money!

◄ Story line I-Slots (5 to choose from)

These slots are unique in that they follow a story line, with comic-book style animated scenes between each of the rounds. When you complete each section you get a prize bonus round before moving on, or going back to the start, depending on the outcome. As you start each section you get the opportunity to change your stake which is then fixed. The symbols on the reels also change as you advance.  In addition they have free spins triggered by scatter symbols.

Jackpot: 5 Gangsters = 750 x bet.




A very nice 100/1 win, but sadly not for me L


(Screenshot courtesy of Tennis_Balls)


Someone HAD to make a slot out of this! 

9 numbers spin into view – match 3 or more for a payout. 8 matched x500, 9 same = x1000.

Jackpot:  1-9 in order & pays x 10,000!

(= 50,000 coins at max bet of 5 coins played)

(Rival have 80+ super slots to choose from)

Where to play:

(Click on name to visit their site)

Superior Casino

$25 risk free*

SUB: 225% to $2,250


Slots Capital

$10 risk free*

SUB: 100% to $1,000




SUB: 100% up to $150



Most Rival casinos now allow people to play in £ or € - all bonus offers should be the same as in $US


Desert Nights

$20 risk free*

SUB: 100% to $1,000


Ignition Casino

USA players ONLY!

SUB: 100% to $1,000



* Almost all of the Rival casinos above offer totally risk-free, no deposit bonuses to try them out.

If you lose, you’ve lost nothing – if you win you can cash-out real money!

(T&C’s apply – see individual sites)


Click on images for full-size view


RealTime Gaming (RTG)

Click on images for full-size view



This was part of my $986.50 win from a $5 spin…

Click on image for sequence of screenshots!


◄ Green Light

I rate this as one of the very best ‘Real Series’ slots because of it’s great funky bonus round; Get 3 green lights in view and take part in a 5-car drag race for up to 25 free-spins, all at x2. If you finish in the top 2 in that race, you get entry into a second race where you can win up to 100x your total bet! (See left)

Jackpot: 5 wilds pays x10,000 




Hit this on my way to a bet x 103 win.

 Boy King’s Treasure ►

(Formerly called King Tut’s Treasure)

This is one of RTG’s new style games which started appearing late 2008; This slot features free spins with random wild multipliers of up to x4 – get 2 of those in your win & it’s multiplied by x16!

Jackpot: 5 snakes with wilds = Line bet x3,600



A nice bonus round returned bet x 110!

◄ Golden Glove

A cool baseball theme and a bonus round which always seems to return something at least half decent is why this one appears here; trigger the bonus for 9 free-spins to make as many home-runs as possible, each of these gives a second chance bonus for even more prizes! Also has a wild doubler on reel 3 which also substitutes for the scatters.

Jackpot: 4 Catcher + wild pays x5,000 




Not the best shot, but shows stacked wilds.

 Aztec’s Treasure ►

This is one of their oldest ‘real series’ slots, but it still remains a favourite for many due to the potentially endless re-triggering free-spins all at x3 and the stacked wilds on the middle 3 reels, which if lined up with good symbols on the other 2 reels pays HUGE!

Jackpot: 5 Girls = x5,000




Fire the Strawberry through the air – will it hit the centre target or hit the edge with a SPLAT!

Free-spin wins pay double!

◄ Fruit Frenzy

Although classed as one of the 40+ great ‘Real Series’ slots, this one is slightly different; it was the first one with 25 win-lines.  The fun graphics & sounds on this one always make me smile – I just can’t help it!  Any 5 of a kind win triggers the bonus feature shown left – 3 shots to get the Strawberry into the Melon for up to 20 additional free-spins – you have to laugh!

Jackpot: 5 wild Mr.Pineapple pays x10,000 





To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing the first time I played this game – but I did know I hit the jackpot!  $100 from a 10c bet!

 European Slot Poker ►

This weird game is a mixture between a slot and Video Poker; You are dealt 5 cards from a deck of 141, but they have fruits instead of the traditional numbers, with lower quantities of the high value fruits. Hold any number & draw again to try for 3 of a kind or better. All wins can be gambled, double or nothing.

Jackpot: 5 Bars = x1,000 (as right!)

(RTG boast 120+ different slots!)

Where to play:

(Click on name to visit their site)


But please check your withdrawal options before you deposit!

Uptown Aces

250% up to $2,500.

WR (D+B)x35

Phantom bonus


50% to $200, or 100% to $50,

or 200% to $100.

Cashable bonus

Jackpot Capital

100% to $100;

WR (D+B)x20

Cashable bonus

Sun Palace

150% to $3,000

WR (D+B)x40

Cashable bonus


More RTG casinos are listed on my RTG Page!






Grand Virtual

What makes them so funky?  Well on most of their slots:-


Ø The reels don’t actually ‘spin’ – instead a ‘curtain’ covers each position which is revealed in a semi-random order.

Ø The symbols pay anywhere on the win line, not just right to left, or left to right.

Ø Some scatter symbols in view double the regular payouts, and are accumulative (1 scatter = x2, 2 = x4, 3 = x8…etc)

Ø The scatters are also wild symbols on some slots.

Ø Unlike most other softwares, the more scatters you get the bigger the prizes (MUCH bigger!)

Ø Some of the slots have FOUR different bonus features!


Ø Like with Video Poker, betting max coins and lines dramatically increases the multiplier of the top payout.

Ø You can switch between real money play & fun mode without even exiting the game, let alone the casino!

Ø Your last 3 or 4 win amounts remain visible in the info window.

Ø Most software writers seem to think they have to make an even number of win lines (eg: 20, 30 etc.), this gives non-symmetrical patterns. GV are more sensible – here you will find 7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 21 & 27 line slots!

NOTE: First time you play, the slots may not be set to max lines!




This was the result of a Treasure hunt round, triggered by 4 Astrolabes on my last free spin which made for bigger prizes.  I don’t know exactly what I found in the maze, but I literally fell off my chair when it paid out $222.32 from a 33c spin! J


Jackpot: 5 Wild MerKings pay 20,000 xbet.

◄ Atlantis ►

This slot has it all!  Simply the most amazing graphics I’ve ever seen. Takes a little getting used to because the ‘reels’ are not in straight lines, and the 3D moving symbols appear floating above each position.  But it’s not just pretty pictures, this baby has FOUR different feature rounds:-


Free-spins: 5 to 25 spins for 3-5 Nautilus: Wild symbol multiplies wins by x5, and any bonus round awards are tripled!

Treasure Hunt: 3+ Astrolabes take you to a prize maze – Navigate the Mermaid though the caves collecting prizes, monster repellent and trap keys, avoid the Kraken & the traps until you find the exit.

Obelisk: Unlock the code to reach the top of the column for the biggest prizes.

Seahorse Race: 3+ Seahorses to enter the derby – pick 3 from 6 horses and race to the finish line.


With all the features, the more scatters that trigger the round, the bigger your prizes!





Three or more scattered Seahorses start the derby race; pick any 3 of the six ‘steeds’, click Go and watch them sprint for the finish line.  You can win up to 3 prizes in each race (I got 1st & 2nd above).


This is an 11-line slot.




My boozy buddy knocked back the full 5 pints before finally falling flat on his face.  I don’t know what made me smile more; his antics, or winning $127.68 from my 90c bet…!


Jackpot: 5 Wild Crests at max coin/line = 50,000



A fun little slot, based on the famous annual Munich beer festival.  The wild Crest anywhere in view also doubles your feature wins.  9 lines, 2 Features:

Prost scatter pays up to 25x total bet for any 5 in view. 2 or more also gives one free spin.

Three or more scattered Barrels take you to the drinking round. Keep buying your buddy beers until he flakes out!  If he manages 5 pints you’re quids in!

Includes very funky Lederhosen slapping music!





I hit 4 handbags during the free spins for a mega win which ended up returning $101.76 off a $1.26 spin.


21-lines of girly fun!



Jackpot: 5 Wild Credit Cards = 25,000 x line bet.

Shopping Spree

This one may have a ‘girly’ theme, but it’s capable of manly payouts!  Also has two features:-

Free Spins: 3 to 5 Lipsticks give 1 to 50x total bet and 10 to 25 spins. (Is red your colour?)

Picking round: Three or more scattered Handbags starts the Fashion Frenzy; Use the elevator & pick an accessory on every floor until you reach your credit card’s limit. Reach 5th & all doubled!

Both these scatter symbols anywhere in view also boost ‘regular’ wins x2 for each, accumulative.


(Grand Virtual offer 30+ fantastically different slots)

Where to play:

(Click on name to visit their site)

Sadly it would appear that Grand Virtual Software was killed off in January 2013 when all the casinos using it switched to Playtech Software.


If anyone knows of ANY casino still using the fantastic GV software – PLEASE let me know!

A bit more information about Grand Virtual bonuses:

WR is (D+B)x15 with over 100 games allowed at 100% - including some variations of Roulette!

Please check the Promotions Page on the casino website for a full list of the all the allowed games.

All the above casinos have the same great games, playable from very low stakes* and use a ‘sticky bonus’ system;

This is excellent because once you have met the WR you can withdraw your winnings and then play on with the bonus chips & win even more! (Like I did!)

* Slots & Video Poker from 1c/line, BlackJack from 10c, RedDog $1, other cards $2, but sadly Roulette from $1/chip.






Is this a good game, or just a load of balls? –

you decide! J

(Might not be available at all PlayTechs)

◄ Pachinko (Dolphin Paradise)

I’m not even going to pretend I understand what on earth is happening on this crazy slot which the crazy Japanese are apparently crazy about…!

You click ’start’ and loads of ball-bearings get fired into the game about one a second.  For every one that somehow makes its way into the ‘start’ hopper you win 4 balls and a spin on the middle thingy. If by some miracle 3 same numbers line up you win the Jackpot of 1,500x your bet! 




Sadly the lowest multiplier in the bonus round, but still a very healthy $125 from a $2.25 spin!

 Queen of the Pyramids ►

This 9-liner is for the slightly higher-rollers (min bet = 15c / line), but could well be worth it!  Features free-spins with all wins x5, and the Bonus Wheel round where you can win up to 3,000x your bet!

Jackpot: Progressive = $6,000 min to Mega-bucks!

(Playtech have 42+ colourful, fun slots!)

Where to play:

(Click on name to visit their site)


Players aged18+ only, Full T&Cs Apply,

Gamble Responsibly:

Omni Casino

 Welcome bonus:

100% to £/€/$ 100



(Not many of their 300+ slots are that funky, but I couldn’t leave out the biggest casino software provider on the net!)



Play at least 17 lines and you can hit a ‘double 2nd jackpot’ like this $298 from a $1.50 spin.


Jackpot: 5 Wilds pays 7,000 to 1.

◄ Loaded

Definitely one of my favourites, this has the funkiest hip-hop music of any slot on the net!  25 lines of cool dudes & hot chicks!  3 scatters give you a free-spin dilemma; 12 at x4, 16 x3 or 24 x2. Do you feel lucky punk? One great thing is the positioning of the wilds makes it possible to win TWO second highest jackpots in one spin! (See screenshot).



A nice hit during free-spins (random wilds), resulted in a cool $125.80 from an 80c spin.

Dolphin Tale ►

Almost unique in that it has 40 win lines! (Too many for me) This also has a different free-spin feature – pick 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins with a random multiplier from x2 to x20.  Also, during the free spins some symbols will randomly turn into wilds giving you a surprise boost to your winnings!

Jackpot: 5 Wild Dolphins pay x3,000.



Not a massive win, but the x25 made it much nicer. Finished up with £153 off a £1 bet.


A 25 line slot with just one feature, but it’s a good one!; 2 Champagne Bottles award 6 to 30 free spins and each spin is multiplied by x2 up to x25!!  Just one good hit here & you’ll fill your boots.

Jackpot: 5 Harvey’s = 2,000  (Sounds low, but it could be x25 in the free spins = 50,000/1 J )




Find the hidden key to will ALL prizes and advance to another bonus round…


This 30-liner has two great features: Barn Bonus – the funkiest MG cartoon style story; search for the key to Henrietta’s bedroom without waking the dog. Succeed & pick her favourite jewellery for a big prize, and maybe more! J  Egg Bonus; Up to 15 free spins at up to x5 + bonus on every spin!

Jackpot: 5 Roger Rooster (wild) pays x15,000.

(Microgaming boast an incredible 300+ slots!!!)

Where to play:

(Click on name to visit their site)


$100 SUB, $32+/month

Best MG casino on net!

Go Wild

Up to 50 Free Spins!

100% to €333, cashable.

Ruby Fortune

$750 free-play, keep wins!

Several bonuses/month.

NoUSAflag   No USA play

at any MG casino.


All Jackpots

100% to $250

Standard Bx30 WR

Platinum Play

$300 free-play, keep wins!

& up to 100% to $100.


The above are just a handful of the 60+ MG casinos I recommend – for the others, and more details

about the great sign-up bonuses they all offer, please see my Recommended MG’s page!





No play from USA, Canada, Australia & some European countries.




Free Parking Bonus; guess which car won the race!  (Clue; It wasn’t yellow!)

◄ Monopoly Here & Now ►

This recent addition to the WagerWorks stable is just such great fun to play! Features include:

Funky sounds: Big wins play a fanfare, bigger wins play a great little song which goes “I’m feeling like Mr.Lucky today!” J

Super graphics: The ‘Monopoly man’ jumps round the screen, giving you property bonus cards & throwing the dice.  With this slot, the bonus increases the longer you play, so you don’t want to hit it too often…. But you normally still hit plenty of big wins in normal play to keep you going!

Feature: Journey round the feature board collecting rent from your properties; more houses/hotels = bigger income!  Land on Free Parking for a race to grab one of the 3 big accumulative jackpots!


This is a 20-line slot.  Max bet £10/line!!! (min 1p)


Jackpot: 5 Monopoly Logo or Wilds = 5,000 x bet.





One of the nice ‘regular wins’ - £50 off a £1 spin.





Good picking netted maximum multiplier…!


◄ The 50,000 Pyramid

5 reels, 15 win-lines; Only one feature here – but it’s a good ‘un!  Three or more scatters take you to the winners circle pyramid where lucky picks can win you up to 40 free spins at up to 10x multiplier!

(Only at Paddy Power; others are 6x maximum).


Jackpot: 5 Wilds = 10,000 x bet.





This was the first feature the first time I ever played this slot; 5 scatters during free spins was the best of 3 re-triggers – won £90 from a 20p spin!


Cleopatra ►

This one has 20 win-lines, and stars wild Cleo’s which double your wins.  Again, just one feature; This time 15 free spins at x3 started by 3+ scatters. Can re-trigger up to a maximum of 80 spins.

Will you like it?  I sphinx so! J


Jackpot: 5 Cleopatra’s = 10,000 x bet.


(WagerWorks/IGT  have 30+ different slots – not all casinos the same)

Where to play:

(Click on name to visit their site)





CryptoLogic (WagerLogic)




The Blue Diamonds are what you really want – especially if you can line 5 of them up!


Jackpot 1: 5 on Ln5 + 6,7,8,9 or 10 = x8,000.

Jackpot 2: 5 wilds on line 10 pay 20,000 to 1.


Based on the arcade game of the same name, random jewels drop down from the top of the screen. Any chains of 3 or more the same award prizes and then dissolve. The remaining gems drop down & more pour in from the top to fill the spaces giving you the chance of yet more wins.

This is a 10-line slot.




I’ve never had 3 ‘Sweet Things’, but I’ve hit

this ‘2nd jackpot’ 3 times… so far!


Jackpot: 3 Sweet Things pay 3,000 to 1.

Sweet Thing ►

Random sweeties spin into view on this 8-line slot. Chains of 3 the same award prizes and then dissolve. New sweeties spin into the vacant gaps. Two or more ‘Sweet Thing’ symbols activate an easy pair matching game which pays 18/1.



Ten of a kind Yellows pays x500.


Jackpot: Top combination pays 50,000 x bet.


This is the 3D version of Bejeweled!  Fantastic graphics as the coloured cubes fly into the grid from 3 directions. Chains of 4 up to 10 of the same award prizes and then dissolve. The remaining cubes slide to fill the spaces & more pour in from the sides to fill the grid.  The game is enhanced by ‘wild multiplier’ cubes of up to x6 which can dramatically boost your winnings as they are also accumulative! (e.g. Two x6 in the same chain = x12).

You also have random bombs which destroy rows in both directions, one entire side, or the whole grid giving you more chances to win from the same ‘spin’.





Four Blues + two x6 wild blocks nicely

turned 75 cents into $150!




Use skill – or get ‘killed’


Jackpots: 5 Wilds = x25,000 (Horoscope)

& x20,000 on Reel Renovations (not shown)

◄ Daily Horoscope : Around the World ►

and Reel Renovations (not shown)

These 5-reel, 20-line slots are the only ones I’ve ever seen anywhere which have bonus features based not on just luck, but PURE SKILL!

Horoscope: use your mouse button to line up the grid to the target, fire your thunderbolt & win. (Pretty easy!) 3 targets hit = 45x your bet.

Around the World: Use your mouse to move your hot-air balloon up & down to catch the prize boxes while avoiding the vultures (not so easy!).

Reel Renovations: Use your mouse & button to nail the prize pictures to the wall – speed & accuracy essential for maximum rewards!



Don’t let the Vultures get you down!


Jackpot: 5 Planes = 30,000 x line bet!

(Crypto’s have up to 88+ fantastic slots! Including the Marvel Hero’s (3 random jackpots) & the Rapid Fire jackpot slots)

Where to play:

(Click on name to visit their site)

Sadly I don’t think these games are available ANYWHERE any more… L

If you know different – PLEASE let me know!!!

KK @






Please play sensibly

If you are playing for profit rather than just for fun, please remember slots are just the same as any other casino game; the house always has the edge.

The average return on most online slots is 94-96% and if you keep playing any one casino game continuously you will lose in the long run. 

The only way to win in the long term is by using bonuses and/or money management methods, as described in my guides on other pages of this site.  Please remember most slots are high variance; It is possible to hit really big wins, but to fund this they have to take money in with lots of no-win spins, so you need to be patient. 

Slots are fun & exciting, but can be addictive just like any other gambling.  Please play within your limitations and if you do think you may have a problem which you can’t control, remember there are people you can turn to for help:   | Gamcare | Gamblers Anonymous |



Enjoy… and good luck!   KK.





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