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The table below shows my personal casino results from May-2001 to present date. (Now split into 2 pages)

It seemed to make more sense to put the most recent at the top, so the first time you take a look, please start at the bottom & read upwards, then when you come back you won’t need to do any scrolling!

You will see I play some casinos in $US or €uro & some in £UK, but all profit/loss results are converted into $US. 

Each month gives my overall profit/loss and my best/worst results for that month.  Enjoy! (I did!)





Note: I stopped keeping these logs after Jan 2011.

Two main reasons:

I became a father for the second time in October 2010, and as the “house-husband” looking after 2 young kids while their mum was at work left me very little time for gambling.  So I cut right back.

I also felt that after winning from casinos for 9 straight years that I had proved my point that bonuses

COULD help make online casino play profitable, and I was also getting a little bored with having

to record every little detail of all my play.

I do still play online virtually every day of the year – sometimes with bonuses and sometimes without, but always just for the fun of it.   But winning and cashing-out is still the best thrill of all!



Casino of the Month

Month /


Best / Worst


Details of best & worst experience each month

Screenshot of the month!

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There were no scratchcards or other decent slots promos I fancied at Ladbrokes this month, but I did take a Blackjack  bonus 100% to £100 with a WR of only Dx1; made +£30 doing the WR + the £100 bonus = an easy $207 profit. 

Later in the month I was just “messing around” when I hit 5 scatters on Ladies Nite on a £2.25 spin & won £1,167 (after the free-spins). Unbelievably just 53 spins later I hit 5 scatters again, just after doubling my bet, and won £2,361 = my biggest win EVER!! So that  was about £3,500 won in 15 minutes! Screenshots >

I wasn’t actually playing to clear a bonus at the time, so I have not included it in my monthly figures which are only for my bonus-related results.

At Casino Euro I went back for revenge on Jack Hammer and nearly got it when a €150 win took me to €119 up… but I didn't stop until I'd lost it all back again - idiot! But a good run on Golden Shamrock took me back to +€80 and I thought WR was done - but then found out it had gone up from x6 to x10!

Played various slots after that and finally met WR on €150. (a €50 profit)

Two for the Ladies!




My biggest EVER!





I decided to take the 100% to $200 SUB and brand new Rival Casino Lust even though it was phantom, because the WR was low (x13); Had a good result on Switch in Time, but everything else was pretty crap, especially when I tried high-risk betting on Spy Game. Bust out half way through WR.

At 32 Red my $150 bonus and $150 deposit all went south 1/2 way to WR; no massive losses and even had 2 wins over bet x 100 - but my bank just slowly drained away...










Casino of the Month

Month /


Best / Worst


Details of best & worst experience each month

Screenshot of the month!

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(Was CentreBet – Closed down)








Took the SUB at CentreBet (Playtech): 100% to €150, WR (D+B)x20, cashable. Played various slots and had a VERY up and down ride  with only 1 bet x 100 win (on What's Cooking) all the way to WR; bank going as low as €99 and as high as €529.  When I got to the other end I had €280 = about $170 profit.

Took the special Casinomeister welcome offer at 1 Casino: Deposit €137 for a €150 bonus. Had an unbelievable run of features on Zone of the Zombies, making €445 profit from just 120 spins and  €275 in bets! Just as well, because had bad losses on nearly every other slot I played. Managed to make WR with €200 in the bank = about $81 profit.

What’s Cooking?




A nice free-spin win!

2010 total:




On the Casino Euro 30% monthly I nearly made a miracle recovery after losing €84 trying out the new Hall of Gods slot. After that I got down to my last 80c on Groovy 60's when I got the feature and from there pulled bank back to €100! But then I blew the lot on Gonzo’s Quest.  Made the WR - but no cash left!

Ladbrokes scratchcards came back for Xmas only - I wish they hadn't!  Had a total disaster on Scrooge & Santa Paws, losing £284 in the first 2 weeks, so I stopped. Only got £16 from the scratchcards too, so a total loss of £268. Fortunately I recovered some of this from another 100% to £100 slots promo and 4 x £25 weekly bonuses: the wagering on the scratchcards qualified for these bonuses, so overall -£68.







Only 1 positive this month, at Ladbrokes again:  TS2 1-off: Very small bonus - but made +£11. Also got a 100% to £100 slots bonus; Dx1 & Bx10: Qualified with +£17 profit on Arctic Fortune. Then made +£156 doing the Bx10 with good wins on Loaded, TS2 (screenshot > ) & Scrooge, and despite a £112 loss on Galaxy Grab. Total from this bonus +£273! Also had another £100 from the weekly bonuses.

Thor blimey!





Special Christmas bonus at 32Red: $200 deposit for $200 bonus: Was going steady & doing OK with bank up to $622 quite early on, but then I went INSANE on Tomb Raider 1 and 2 blowing $289 & $147. Twister finished what was left only 2/3 the way through WR.

Casino Euro: Blew the lot (€130) on Jack Hammer (high variance!) only half way through the WR.

Also took the 100% to €200 SUB at another Net Ent casino - Nordic Bet; After a lot a fun and a lot of ups and downs I ended up exactly where I started – a rare break-even bonus!



(Was Imperial on the splendid Grand Virtual software – Switched to boring Playtech!)







What a fantastic way to bounce back from the last two months losses!

Took another 2 of Imperial casino’s 50% on a $200 deposit bonuses; Bust out on the first not even 1/10 of the way through WR! But the second one turned into a feature fest where I could hardly stop winning. Didn’t hit anything mega, but loads of small wins just kept my bank rising. Between the 2 bonuses, deposited $400 and cashed-out $2,075. I love this software when it’s hitting!

My best win was on Cactus Jack; Free-spins re-triggered 4 times and I got 4 bonus rounds too! > > >

My other tiny success was at Ladbrokes again, where 3 small promos made me £27 profit.





Only played one other casino this month; Casino Euro where I went completely insane and blew my entire €100 deposit & €30 bonus all just on the new Alice’s Wonderland slot because I just could not believe it could be so fricking tight… I was wrong.







Lads was my only success this month… and I only played one bonus!  It was a Lord of the Rings one-off: Got ridiculously lucky hitting a £178 free-spin win on a 90p spin! See screenshot > > >

Ended the promo +£160 on the game + £25 bonus

Good Lord, who’s this?





For the first time since I started my logs back in 2001, I had TWO losing months in a row! These casinos were to blame: Imperial and Casino Euro were even worse than last month and I lost $200 and €100 only a fraction of the way through WR. Bonuses at 32Red and Vegas Regal weren’t a lot better and saw another $150 & $100 disappear in a similarly quick fashion.  I nearly saw a further £150 go down the tubes at Circus Casino (now closed down), being down to under £50 nearing WR, but a lucky bet x 309  hit on Gladiator helped me recover some of my losses & cash-out £100 leaving me £50 down overall.








Despite the scratchcards ending, I still did OK at Lads this month; Did 3 "Match of the Day" promos on BlackJack and Roul; Got lucky & made a small gain on all + £30 in bonuses. Total +£82

Also did 2 weekly Tomb Raider bonuses, making £48 in total. Finally I got £100 loyalty bonus due to the amount of playthrough last month!


Most unusually I don’t have ANY noteworthy screenshots for this month!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible… I hope!




Imperial Casino started doing their by-weekly 50% match offers again, so I took one with a $200 deposit, but I had rotten luck & bust out not even half way through WR.

Took a 110% welcome bonus on $100 at Casino LaVida; Bad start when I went crazy on Big Break losing half my balance. Did crawl back up to $200, but then it just slowly all slipped away.

Another €100 deposit + €30 bonus at Casino Euro went south real quick with very little entertainment.







I didn’t know at the time, but this was to be the last month of Ladbrokes Scratchcard promos… and what a month it was! I had a totally AWESOME result due to 5 days with profits over £100 on Burning Desire (one was +£337!). At the end of the month I had made £657 from the play + £80 in bonuses. Also made another +£27 on another bonus.  Yet another great result at Casino Euro like the last 2 months; took the 30% bonus on €100 deposit again, played just 4 slots & cashed out €300 for an easy €200 profit!

Very desirable…


£312.88 from £2 spin!




Took a 100% on $400 welcome bonus at Crazy Slots. Unfortunately I didn’t know beforehand that their slots are all Crypto ones, pretty boring, and have ludicrous big jumps in possible bet per spin amounts, which does not suit my style of play at all. Bust out just short of half way through WR.




(No USA)






AT LAST – a decent result at 32Red! They offered me a special 100% up to $500 bonus for my birthday in May, but I didn’t claim it until June. 23 days & $15,066 of wagering later I cashed out $1,600 for a VERY nice belated $1,100 birthday present! (Last year I bust out on 6 of the 8 bonuses I took there).

Another great result at Casino Euro like last month; took the 30% bonus on €100 deposit again and after playing just 3 slots for less than an hour I cashed out €300 for an easy €200 profit!

Finally got a little bit of revenge at Vegas Sky! Took another of their 100% on $200 slots bonuses with the very low WR of (D+B)x15; Managed to do the WR (without ONE win over betx100) and make +$154.

In the red…?

Oh yes, I hope so!






As soon as I saw Ladbrokes scratchcards were on AWP fruit machines I just knew this was going to be a hard month – and I was right! I had a go anyway, but the games were even worse than I expected & I lost money on every single one of the 6 fruities I played. Total loss from the play was £470 and only got £82 back in scratchcard winnings. Fortunately 3 other promos made me a profit of £221, so total loss for the month “only” £167.   The only other bonus I played in June was the Betsson monthly; Here I couldn’t repeat last month’s success despite a great start – met the WR, but thanks to trying “Vikings Treasure” and losing €100 I ended up with less than my deposit left, so cashed-out €25 down.










Wow – the complete opposite of last month – loads of wins & only 2 losses! Ladbrokes was awesome, especially the scratchcards where I had GREAT wins on Arctic Fortune (1 day I made £496) & Mermaids (1 day: £176); Made £685 from the play alone plus £100 bonuses and nett +£32 from 3 other promos. 

Deposited a total of £300 for 2 different promos at Virgin; got £200 in bonuses & cashed-out £700!

At Fortune Reel I was at $598 off a 100% on $100 bonus nearing WR, but crashed to a $425 finish.

Two great results at NetEnt casinos Betsson and Casino Euro; taking just 40% and 30% bonuses on €100 deposits I cashed out €200 and €190 profits respectively!

Finally I took a 100% match at 32Red for the first time this year and was doing mostly OK until I managed to lose about $100 in my last $200 or 300 of wagering! Did cash-out a small profit; just $16!

One of my biggest EVER wins by multiplier;

Bet x 878!






Attempted a “welcome back” post wager bonus at Intercasino UK where I hadn’t played for over a year – but I bust out dramatically well short of WR, blowing away £200 in the process…

And another disaster at Vegas Sky; Took another of their 300% on $200 deposit bonuses and tried the high-rolling method, but blew the whole $800 on just 2 slots with only 10% of the WR done!



(Was Paddy Power on WagerWorks software – Switched Playtech!)






Only one success this month – and that was a “skin of my teeth” job! Took a weekly 100% to £100 post-wager bonus at Paddy Power; Got off to quite a bad start and lost all my £100 deposit not even half way to WR. But decided to deposit another £100 to try to finish WR and so get the £100 bonus, and straight away I had an AWESOME run on Elvis Multistrike making over £300! Bank slipped away towards WR when I hit a lucky £109 win on Treasures of Troy which meant I could cash-out £450 = £250 profit.

Strike me – it’s Elvis!




If the “S” had hit I would have won 10x more…!




I knew Ladbrokes could be a struggle this month when I saw their scratchcard promo was on Progressive Slots – and I was right! Played mostly King Cashalot which was bad, but that was nothing compared to Mega Moolah Isis; wagered £673 and lost £218!!! Only 3 other promos this month, and the Thunderstruck one was another disaster, losing £74 in £157 of wagers…!  Total loss after adding £156 bonus = £218.

Took a 200% to $400 bonus at Vegas Sky;  Only low-rolling this time, but never really got going and the whole $600 slipped away only 1/4 the way through WR. Another 50% to $100 bonus at Imperial casino was even WORSE; only wagered 931 of the 6,000 WR by the time I busted out.



(Was Imperial on the splendid Grand Virtual software – Switched to boring Playtech!)







Scratchcards at Ladbrokes were VERY down & up… I only played Kings of Cash, which was crap for the first couple of weeks, but I stuck with it and got 2 big wins near the end of the month to finish £143 in the black! Six other one-off bonuses weren’t so good, and I lost £29 total from the play, but total bonus chips = £289 so month result = +£403. Had a great return from another 50% to $100 bonus at Imperial casino; Started with a bad loss on Jackhammer Jackpot, but 4 other slots paid well and I managed to finish WR and cash-out a very nice $590 profit!

What’s Cooking?

Take one $5, add free spins and a few wilds, mix it all up and get $621…!






Four other bonuses ended up in the gutter! Worst was at new Rival casino Orange Gamez (later turned Rogue!); They launched offering a 150% bonus up to $750 with WR only (D+B)x10…! Obviously a mistake, so I took it quick before it was withdrawn. Big bonus, so big bets; some good stuff, some bad, but my bank balance just slowly slipped away until busting out very close to meeting WR.  At Sloto'Cash I didn’t get anywhere near WR – trying a “new method” of betting very big, I blew through my whole $250 deposit + $250 bonus in only about 20 minutes playing just ONE slot…!  A 100% bonus on $200 was going OK at Box24 Casino until I “lost it” when Travel Bug refused to give me any features and I bust out very close to WR here too. Finally I took a 30% to €30 monthly bonus at Casino Euro where I discovered that Relic Raiders is a bastard of a slot which just eats money for fun…! Not playing that again!



(Was Bingo Las Vegas (NetEnt) – closed down)







Another very good month at Lads thanks to good results on Scratchcards, 4 weekly £20 slots bonuses, and 5 other “no lose” bonuses (where the WR is the same as the bonus amount). Overall made £182 playing for scratchcards thanks to good wins on Tomb Raider 2, and +£173 wagering for the other promos thanks to BIG hits on Secret Admirer & Winter Gold. Total bonuses = £314.

Took the 100% to $100 at Bingo Las Vegas (now closed), WR Bx55; Had a great win on Groovy 60’s, but lost most on Blood Suckers. Bank $245 with only 1/4 WR done. Then I somehow forgot all about this bonus for SIX weeks! When I logged back in I found they had removed my $100 bonus chips, but the remaining $145 was withdrawable!  Played on a bit anyway, and got it up to a $205 withdrawal.

Groooovy Baby!

$305 from a $2 spin…






Took 2 weekly 50% to $100 bonuses at Imperial casino; First one was going well until I lost $155 on the last slot I played. Still managed to cash-out $50 profit. The second one was a total disaster & I blew the lot only 1532/6000 WR done. Nett loss = -$150 for the 2 bonuses.   Tried new NetEnt Bet 24 Casino – but lost my €100 deposit + 100% bonus in no time, thanks mostly to a diabolical session of Pontoon (allowed in WR). A similar result at Fortune Reel; $100 + bonus gone on 3 slots, mainly due to Wacky Wedding.









Only managed to play at 3 casinos in January, and only won at one of them; Ladbrokes. Scratchcards started really bad on The Great Galaxy Grab – so REALLY pushed my luck way past WR and with bets of up to even £10/spin! Luckily this paid off & 2 BIG wins meant ending the month +£357 up on this slot! However, I did lose £78 on Scoop the Cash. Four other one-off bonuses were ALL profitable (especially Magic Spell, see SS) and I finished the month £383 up from my play, plus £193 in total bonuses.

That’s M A G I C !

£83.50 from a 50p spin.






Unusually for me, I took 2 phantom bonuses; the first was at Klub 8 (Now closed) which was only a 100% bonus on $188, but the WR was only x8 so seemed quite good.  However, I did fairly big bets and bust out the whole $376 playing only 4 slots! (Gladiator, lotto Madness, Thrill Seekers & A Night Out).

The other was a MASSIVE 400% bonus up to $800 at Lock Casino (now Rogue)… which turned into the biggest disaster I think I have ever had at an RTG; Here I only got to play THREE slots (Spins of $2.50 - $6.25); Pay Dirt, Mystic Dragon & Wok n Roll. Lost the whole $1,000 in only $2,642 of wagers = 62% RTP…!





Casino of the Month

Month /


Best / Worst


Details of best & worst experience each month

Screenshot of the month!

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(Click on to enlarge)




(No USA)







Well it has to be said that I was definitely due a bad month – and I got it!   Only 2 profitable experiences - and neither were Ladbrokes! Took the 30% monthly at Casino Euro; wagering is only (D+B)x6 with most games allowed, even blackjack where I made €68! Lost a bit on the slots, but still cashed out €50 profit. The other success was due to what must surely have been an error by new Rival casino Dendera; they offered 100% up to $50 with WR of only B x 0.6 – yes, just $30 of wagering required! I played Winter Wonders, hit the free-spins, and cashed out a very quick & easy $80 profit!

(Travel) Bugger me!

Got passport to a $720 win from a $4 spin!



2009 total:




OK, what went wrong at Ladbrokes? A slot called Deck the Halls – that’s what! Lost a ridiculous £379 on this beast + another £42 on Santa Paws playing for scratchcards. Got £188 from those cards, but that and reasonable results from their other promos wasn’t enough to compensate that loss. Total of £320 in bonuses – but still lost £81 overall.   Blew-out my 5th bonus in a row at 32Red – this time a bigger Christmas deposit of $250. Need to find a way to stop this rot…!

Another BIG bonus at Vegas Sky; this time 300% on a $200 deposit; Nearly made it – getting my bank up to $1,611 at one point - but luck & money ran out 90% of the way through WR.

Took 2 no-deposit, and 1 match bonus at Fortune Reel, losing $65 for the month. 

A 100% match SUB on $200 at new Box24 Casino went south quicker than Santa Claus on speed!

In a busy month, also took a $100 SUB at Win A Day, but struggled to find a big win on their slots.








I don’t know what happened to the time in November, but I only managed to play at 4 casinos – and 3 of them were not good. As you might expect by now, Ladbrokes saved the day again as £326 in bonuses and some lucky hits on a few slots led to a £397 profit.

Far from Tradition…


… a bet x 362 win!




Took an ENOURMOUS 200% bonus at new Rival casino Tradition; Deposited $500, so started play with $1,500 in the bank and a lot of high-rolling required to meet the $25,500 WR…! Not a bad start and I got my bank up to $2,099 after wagering $5,840, but it was ALL downhill from there and I eventually crashed & burned after only $11,600 wagering done. 

32Red was another $150 blowout, and I only managed to break-even on the SUB at Casino Euro.









Another awesome month at Ladbrokes! The Scratchcard promo was pretty disastrous; I lost £90 on the slots and got £80 in bonuses for a £10 overall loss. But most of the other TWELVE promos this month were very good and I ended the month £875 up after receiving £710 total in bonuses. Also had a awesome result at Vegas Sky which made up for my losses there in the last 2 months; Got a 200% bonus on a $150 deposit which, due to some great slot hits, I turned into a $1,400 withdrawal!

ScreenShot that Sux!

Sooo close to 5 wilds:


But profit didn’t suck!




Another failed bonus attempt at 32Red resulted in a $150 loss as I bust out 9/10 way thought the WR. Vegas Regal was worse – here I bust out only half way through WR on a $100 deposit + 300% bonus.

I also joined a few other new casinos, took the SUBs but failed to profit; Imperial – lost $104, Go Wild – lost $100 and Casino Joy – lost $221.









Due to being very busy offline and a 10-day holiday with no internet, I only managed to play at TWO casinos this month! As usual Ladbrokes was a profitable experience, albeit less than most recent months; I had a terrible result of -£219 on the Scratchcard promo, mainly due to losing £253 on my old favourite Cashapillar. But fortunately I won loads (£134 + £225 in bonuses) on 4 other promos this month after finishing ahead on my play at BlackJack, Mega Moolah Isis, Wealth Spa and 3 weekly slots promos.

A Jacques Potty Burger Building Bonus!






Tried to get my own back for last months loss by taking a 200% bonus on a $250 deposit at Vegas Sky. But once again, despite getting some great wins & pushing my bank up to $1,159 at one point, I slightly lost the plot & blew the lot away only 2/3 the way through the WR. 

Next month I’m going to try Getting Back to Basics – no more silliness!









I was surprised & relieved to just scrape into the green this month – the only casino where I actually won was Ladbrokes – and even that was poor by recent standards; First month for yonks where I lost on the scratchcards – first it was the crap new Pedal Power slot, then TR2 went on a ridiculous run of 9 days & 444 spins before giving me the Global Bonus on the last day and saving me from a total disaster!  Five other promotions netted me £297 though, so at least it wasn’t all loss.

It’s Scary… but it can make you Rich!






I lost at the only other 3 casinos played this month; $100 at All Star (in their last month before switching to RTG), $150 at 32Red and $200 at Vegas Sky. I have to confess those last two losses were mainly due to me “losing the low-rolling plot”. This is something I’ve found myself doing far too often recently as I become impatient to finish the WRs quickly.  I really need to get my mindset back in order.



(Was Fruit Winner – closed down)








Another mixed fortunes month with success guaranteed once again by Ladbrokes; Was surprised to make anything from the shite Big Kahuna Snakes & Ladders slot for the scratchcard promo, but it actually gave me a gain of £132! Lost on Monster Meteors, but overall made +£180 on this promo.  Another surprise in the weekly Centre Court promo – again this previously shite slot gave me 2 HUGE wins! This, together with another slot promo & a Blackjack one meant a total profit from Lads this month of £744.

Also had a great result from the SUB at new RTG casino BuzzLuck (now closed) – a MASSIVE win on Jackpot Piñatas (€1,028 from a €4 spin) enabled me to complete WR and cash-out a slightly disappointing €450. (I should not have high-rolled after that big win, then I probably would have made MUCH more…).

Also made €67 at FruitWinner in 30 minutes using a certain strategy… J  (Clue at bottom of this page)

Four re-triggers, 40 free-spins, loads of Piñatas whacked and 4 pretty ladies added up nicely!






My worst result this month was at the new Playtech Circus Casino (now closed down); I totally screwed up right from the start by spinning with too big bets – only played 5 slots and lost on all of them! That was £150 deposit + £150 bonus blown away not even 1/4 way through WR! I also lost $100 at each of three different casinos; Another 1/4 WR at Lion Slots, a total mess-up at All Star, and some madness trying the SUB at the new Intertops RTG casino; Tried PaiGow instead of slots… and got murdered!









This was a very nice month; only 2 losses and 4 wins, headed up as usual by Ladbrokes; Had crazy big wins on Galaxy Grab and smaller ones on Rat Pack & Fearless Fredrick for the scratchcards – ended making £524 from the play + £51 in bonuses! Also scraped £22 from another slots bonus + £100 weeklies.

Had another amazing result at Fantasy Casino; this time a $25 deposit turned into a $370 cash-out!

Similarly great result at Sloto'Cash  turning a $100 deposit + 100% bonus into $600. Finally, managed to avoid the “bonus trap” at All Star Slots (Wizard) and double my $50 deposit.

A great win on

Hole in Won at Sloto;






Decided to take another bash at DaVinci’s Gold, tempted by a HUGE 100% bonus on $400 – but it went the same way as all my previous 6 deposit at this casino – definitely my nemesis! In another moment of madness I took a 250% phantom bonus on $100 at new Rival Fortune Reels – because it was phantom I started out high-rolling… but not for long as I very quickly bust out.


Free Spins







Right, Ladbrokes; Scratchcards:  Won £93 on the play (thank you Cashapillar!) and got £166 in cards. Got four £25 weekly loyalty bonuses. Tremendous Tuesdays - £10 bonuses for slots play; made +£8 overall.  Total = £367 profit.  Joined the new William Hills Playtech casino; 150% phantom bonus on a £100 deposit – thanks to great run on new slot Wanted Dead or Alive I managed to cash out £253 after the £150 phantom bonus was taken off.   Finally, I am really kicking myself for messing up a 100% bonus on $50 at Mummy’s Gold; I thought I had finished WR with $130 in the bank, but when I checked it said $10 bonus still to convert. I had a brain-fart & thought I needed to wager $300+ more… went on ThunderStruck and it sucked $70 from me in just $125 of wagers!!! Then I discovered my error – I might have only needed to wager $1 or so…! Anyway, I hit the “cash-out” button for just $60 = only $10 profit, but better than a kick in the ass!

What on Earth is this??

Click image to find out!






32Red; 100% on $150… really bad run, bust out and lost the lot.





(Was Fantasy on the splendid Grand Virtual software – Switched to boring Playtech!)







OK, no messing – Ladbrokes +$826, made like this: Scratchcards:  Lost £55 on the play but got £113 in cards. Lads Games had TR2 scratchcards; Lost £124 & only got £8 from the cards! Got four £25 weekly loyalty bonuses. Thursday Thrills - £15 bonuses for slots play; made +£36 overall.  Mega Moolah Promo: Was going really bad until a MASSIVE hit saved the day.. and some! Made +£388 from the play +£100 in bonuses.  Total Lads profit £566.  Right, the others:

32Red; 100% on $150 bonus; Cashed out $300, but actually this was VERY stupid because with only $533 of wagering still to do my bank was $560!  (Did get up to $785 at one point).

Fantasy Casino; Only a $15 deposit, but a 400% bonus, great fun & a cashout of $140! (That’s an 833% profit!).  Took the $50 monthly at All Star Slots and despite falling into their bonus ‘Trap’ I managed to escape from it with a $100 cash-out.

My first EVER play on this new MG slot – and I hit a $300 win on a $2.50 spin!





Two total mess-ups! Finally joined Intercasino £UK for a 100% to £125 and Boyle Sports for a 200% to £200 – both slots only bonuses, both totally messed up by me betting too high. (Inter was worst – I nearly made WR at Boyles). £225 down the pan!

New Software,

Sep, 2009 – now RTG




USA players accepted!





Yep Ladbrokes again…! (Sorry, I know this is getting boring!) This month they had 4 promos – and I profited from all of them! The best was Scratchcards when I had an amazing run of 3 lots of free-spins in 17 pulls of Mega Moolah – all paid well & I made +£467 in one day! Later I had a good run on Mermaids Millions & finished the month +£497 from the slots play + £97 from the scratchcards.

They also had the following weekly bonuses; Golden Match; 10/wk for playing 3-card poker - made +£28, Wacky Wednesdays; 25/wk for playing slots/cards – made +£112, and £25 match just for being a regular player = +£100. Total profit from Lads this month = £834.

Took the $50 monthly match at All Star Slots; thanks to their new & upgraded slots I managed to make WR & cash-out $100 profit!

Mega Moolah living up to it’s name - £324 from a £1.50 triggering spin!





The 2 casinos above were the only 2 I deposited at in March. I was also playing at 32Red – but that was WR for my February bonus which I didn’t finish until late March.








No surprises – Lads did it again! The scratchcards were on progressive slots the first 2 weeks of the month = not good. But in the second half it was my favorite TR2 and 2 great wins on than meant I finished the month £114 UP from the slots play + £81 from the cards + £75 in weekly match bonuses and so +£270 for the month.

A nice £185 win from 10 free-spins on Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword!





Got a special 200% bonus on a $250 deposit at 32Red, but still managed to bust out! Started off with crazy bets which were too high & quickly lost $300. After that it was all down-hill really – did have a few good results on some slots, but eventually it all just seeped away. Took a 300% bonus at Fantasy Casino  which I quickly blew away finding out that their new slot ‘Pinball’ was not very good… but it was only a $30 deposit!








As you read upward you will see this year started rather strangely; with so much going on in my offline life & the Slots Oasis December bonus taking until February to finish, I only managed to play at 2 or 3 casinos per month. But I do play Ladbrokes EVERY day, which can take up to an hour.

This month started very badly at Lads, but some ‘gamblers rage’ turned things the right way for a change; I was frustrated after a bad run on Cashapillar, so after WR I did some crazy £5 spins… but I got very lucky, hit the free-spins & won £584! I then went to Osbournes and after about 200 spins got the free-spins on a £4 bet, hit 5 x Sharon in the spins & ended up with £1,452 (approx. $2,033) – slightly bigger than last month’s mega win! I have to confess though, I didn’t cash it all out; I tried to get another big win on other slots & blew half of it away. Very silly. Ended the month £173 down doing the WR for the scratchcards, the cards gave me £132 back (so -41 overall), but the £1000 left from those 2 big wins & £100 in other bonuses meant a profit of £1,059!  Also made $150 at 32Red.

8 days after my mega-win at Irish Luck – an even bigger win at Lads! (£1,452)






Had another go at new casino All Star Slots – started OK, but eventually bust out my $100 deposit + 150% bonus. (Note; this was before their slots upgrade in March – now much better!) 





Casino of the Month

Month /


Best / Worst


Details of best & worst experience each month

Screenshot of the month!

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(Click on to enlarge)


Irish Luck free spins and trip to Ireland







Best casino not Lads for a change! Even I thought I was mad taking a phantom bonus at Rival casino Irish Luck, but during the WR I hit the jackpot on one of my favorite slots! (See screenshot to the right). I met the WR with even more profit than just that $2002 win, and so even after taking off the $250 phantom I cashed out $2,550! (Deposit was $200, so profit $2,350). At Lads I made profit on both the Slots Splash & Scratchcards once again; total this month +£345. Also +$110 from 32Red.

My best single win ever!

$2,002 (from a $6 spin)


2008 total:




New casino Slots Oasis are offering a huge 400% SUB (phantom!), and as it was Christmas I decided to have a go with a $500 deposit ($2,000 bonus!) Because it was SO huge it took me until Feb (low-rolling) until I finally bust out. It was fun though & I was over $1,000 up on my starting balance at one point!    Intercasino was a total disaster for the FOURTH month in a row. Bust out my whole $140 deposit. Now with tighter bonuses, it looks like this is the end of a great era.   Also lost $50 on a 200% bonus at Paradise 8.

New Software,

Sep, 2009 – now RTG




USA players accepted!





Well, me wheels had to fall off sometime… and here ended my 16-month winning run L   You can probably guess that Ladbrokes was OK again; Made a total of £45 from the Slots Splash and a super £179 from Scratchcards after I managed to play Santa Paws all month & come out £19 up from the slot play despite a diabolical start. My other non-loss was breaking-even at Paddy Power.

No Worries Mate!

36c x 267 = $96.24…





The key to my overall loss this month can be mostly attributed to my insane play at 32Red; Despite my nice win in the screenshot to the right, I was within sight of making WR and keeping November out of the red when I went bonkers & blew away $162 on Supe It Up. I couldn’t recover from that. Also suffered complete blow-outs at all these: Intercasino $140, Fantasy $25, SlotoCash $100 and new casino All Star Slots ($100) – here I was doing OK for a long time on the Wizard Gaming low-variance slots, but let it slip & blew out with $2,000 of the $2,500 WR done…. Oh well.





An amazing & unexpectedly great month! Top of the pops was Ladbrokes again with their ridiculously generous daily slots promos; Slots Splash started with a fantastic win on Mad Hatters and ended the month making £314 from that promo + £160 from the scratchcards. But had loads of other great results too; $500 profit at 32Red and a miracle recovery from a bank of $32 to cash-out another $500 profit at Sloto'Cash! Also had $310 profit from Fantasy and $160 at Paddy Power.

A huge hit in free-spins made $356.96 from 50c!





Only 2 losses this month; Tried Intercasino’s 100% to $140 slots only bonus for the first time ever – but went ‘a bit mad’ & blew the lot. Also lost my £25 SUB deposit & bonus at CanBet.









Ladbrokes was the key again this month – thanks mostly to 2 very big hits on Mega Moolah during the Slots Splash promo; Ended up with +£462 on that, plus another £22 from Scratchcards.

I have a confession to make! I deposited $200 without a bonus at new Rival casino Absolute Slots – name now changed to Slot Power - because the WR for UK residents is a crazy 2 x what most other countries get. I only played the 3 brand new slots; GoldenMan, Diamond Temple & Baby Boomers. I lost on Golden, but had fantastic runs on the other 2 and ended up cashing out $500! J

Note: GoldenMan & Diamond Temple are totally unique & ONLY available at Slot Power.

That’s Diamond, geezer!

(Hit the Temple feature during the free-spins)





The only other 3 casinos I deposited at this month all turned into blow-out disasters; Intercasino, 32Red & Club Vegas USA, losing $110, $150 & $100 respectively. Can’t win em all!


Was Better Casino









I was sure this would be a losing month – but I was saved by the Olympics! Ladbrokes scratchcards were a disaster as I took a right spanking on Thunderstruck & Big K S&L, losing £243 after getting the bonuses. Slots Splash wasn’t too bad & made +£141. But they also gave me £175 in ‘special Olympic’ bonuses and the WR on the above counted for this too, so Lads total was +£73. Broke even at Intercasino, made $198 at 32Red, and $310 from the SUB at Better Casino (now closed).

That’s Better!

Top prize (bar 5 wilds)





I only lost at one casino, but it was a total disaster! I took 2 welcome bonuses at new Rival casino Irish Luck (2 x $200) but blew out on both due to betting too big & not controlling my play.


Free Spins






AT LAST! The best casino this month was NOT Ladbrokes!!! It was 32Red where I slotted a $250 deposit + bonus into a $900 withdrawal ($650 profit). It wasn’t even second either, as I had a similarly great result from a $150 deposit + bonus at Mummy’s Gold – cashed out $700 for $550 profit.  Ladbrokes was 3rd, with $335 (£169) made like this; Slots Splash; Lost £215 on slot, got £210 in bonuses, Scratchcards (only played 6 days because I thought the slot (Bomber Girls) was rubbish – I was wrong!); Made £42 on slot + £35 in bonuses. Special Friday bonuses; Lost £18 on the games, but got £115 in bonuses! Also made $220 at Casino Fantasy.

Got assassination bonus during free spins – end was $231 from a 75c spin:





Really struggled with the Intercasino $110 monthly. Limped to WR point, but with only $50 left – cashed that out to cut my losses.  Also lost $50 at Simon Says.








Needless to say Ladbrokes led the field once again; the scratchcards were a disaster because they were on high variance progressive slots – and I didn’t get a single card over £10. Total lost £230. But in Cash Splash I got some amazing & unexpected results on Starscape; Won £210 on the slot + got £210 in bonuses. Also did 2 x £40 Blackjack bonuses – and made +£47 during the WR! Overall Ladbrokes profit = £238 ($471). 32Red was a very close second, with $340 profit made from the extra big birthday 100% match they gave me – all slots play, as usual. This could have been a lot better if I was more careful – I was $1200 up at one point! L  Also made $100 at Slots of Fortune.

A rather nice $410 win

on Cashapillar!





Just 2 losses this month; $150 blown away on slots at Superior Casino, and £50 at Littlewoods due to some diabolical bad luck playing Pontoon.


Was Lasseters;

Closed down

October 3 rd 2008







Predictably Ladbrokes led the field yet again! But this time was not all plain sailing as I suffered bad losses on the slots; in total I got £825 in bonuses from scratchcards & the Slots Splash promo, but only made £393 profit.  But had a great result at Lasseters Casino; deposited $100 for a 100% bonus and took that to a $600 cash-out, playing slots only of course. (See screenshot to the right) Also made $100 profit from each of Simon Says & Sloto’Cash, the later off a $10 free-chip!

Great free-spin feature paid over Bet x 100…





Took very large 50% bonus on a $300 deposit at Spin Palace: a bit careless & a bit unlucky, but blew the lot. Also burned through $200 at 32Red and $110 at Intercasino.









This is getting silly & almost embarrassing as I made I ludicrous amount from 2 different on-going promotions at Ladbrokes This month the scratchcards were for new slot Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword; At first I thought this low-variance slot was rubbish, but toward the end of the month I had 5 great features & made +£200 over the month. On top of that was the £1,170 from the cards…! Also made +£87 from the Cash Splash promo for a total profit of £1,457.   Again, my only other success was at another Rival casino when I turned a $20 free-chip into $80 at Sloto'Cash!

Get 5 picks right…!





Pretty grim elsewhere as I bust out at Fantasy (-$200), Paddy Power, DaVinci’s Gold, & a $100 sign-up bonus at Superior despite a lovely bet x140 win on Future Fortunes. See screenshot > >




USA players accepted!






Looks like I’m turning into a one casino man as once again Ladbrokes was my only success this month – apart that is, from becoming a first-time dad early in the month!!! J  This time most of my £482 profit came from their ‘Cash Splash’ slots promo with Big Break & Mega Moolah, although I also won 30 free-spins on the Osbournes, hit a big win & made + £85!

A nice Break…!






Didn’t play much anywhere else, but when I did it was not good & I made losses at Intercasino, 32Red (lost $150), Sloto’Cash & iNetBet despite some nice hits.










Ladbrokes scratchcards were my savior again as I won £670 in bonus chips (all with very low WR of course!). This helped me to make £375 profit despite losing loads on the actual slot play.  My only other success this month was turning a $10 free-chip into a $100 withdrawal at Paradise 8!







Everywhere else was pretty disastrous as I blew out my deposit + bonus at Intercasino, Fantasy, Dash, and worst of all $200 at Ruby Fortune despite hitting a great $200 win on K9 Capers > >








As mentioned below, I was still completing WR on some December bonuses well into mid-Jan, and so I only actually had time to play 6 bonuses this month; lost on 4 and won on just 2.  But they were a good two! Once more it was the fantastic Ladbrokes scratchcards which gave me the easiest profit – actually made +£15 from playing the slots & received £385 in cards = £400 profit!  The other good result was with my Paddy Power £75 monthly – Had some fun & good wins on their brand new slots; Elvis Multistrike & Wolf Run, and WanDoy took care of the majority of the WR to make +£105.

When linked wilds line up, the wins just pile up!






Due to impatience I bet too big too soon on a Ruby Fortune 100% to $150 bonus and blew the lot.  That was very silly.  Also lost out at Sloto’Cash, Intercasino & Virgin.








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