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When you look at any online casino’s website, they will invariably claim to be “the best thing since sliced bread”; the BEST casino, with the most GENEROUS bonuses, fast and easy CASH-OUTS and the most POPULAR casino on the planet!

In 99% of cases this is pure marketing BULLSHIT. (Fairly obvious really – they can’t ALL be the best).

That is why you need – I am a REAL online casino player (since 2001), I have tried 100’s of casinos for real with my own REAL money. On this site I give my honest unbiased judgments on the various casinos listed on this website. If I think a casino is crap… you won’t even find it on this site (and there are LOADS of them).

If I think a casino’s bonuses are crap – I will say so. Some casinos are very reputable even if their bonuses are rubbish, that’s why I do still list them – because not all players like to take bonuses.

And finally, if I think a casino is totally excellent, I will of course make that known too!

My mission is to help you have a safe, fair and good time at Online Casinos, so please add my site to your favourites bar right NOW so you don’t forget where to look first. J




Tedious, boring and dull as ditch-water, yes.  But essential reading none-the-less.   For your own protection & peace of mind you should always read the T&C’s at each & every casino you join.  


Most of the content is essential legal stuff and if you’re signing up to one of my recommended casinos, there’s no need for you to read all of it, just make sure you check the following sections:

Banking; In particular, withdrawal method & what form of ID might be requested.

Restricted Territories; Some casino’s do not allow players from certain countries, and all will close your account if you play from a country where online gambling is illegal. *

Age Limits; As with territories, some casinos and/or countries do not allow players under 21, and NONE allow players under 18. *

Bonus T&C’s; Make sure you know exactly how much you need to wager, what games you can’t play, and whether the bonus is withdrawable.  (See Guide to Bonuses)


* Often many casinos will let you ‘get away’ with breaking these rules when you sign up, deposit, and lose. But if you win & try to withdraw you can bet your bottom dollar they will find you out and confiscate your winnings.  Please save yourself this grief & do not break these or any other T&C’s.




You probably won’t find this in the T&C’s, but you really should try to find out what the minimum bets on each game are.  This can sometimes be seen in screenshots on the site, but often the best way to find out is play the casino in ‘fun mode’.  Several times I have got caught out by this, and signed up at a casino only to find all card games have a $5 minimum!  This is a nightmare for me, as my methods use minimum bets of only $1 or $2 as a starting point.  (I recently joined an RTG where I found they have Casino Hold’em Poker with a minimum of…. $25 per hand!!! Eeeek!)




One of the first things you’ll see, when you investigate online casinos, is many different makes of software being used by the operators.

Is the software going to deal you a fair game?  This is quite rightly, the biggest concern to the new online gambler, who often feels uneasy about being dealt his cards by a computer.  This is why it is important to know which software a casino uses before you sign up.  T

here are many different ones out there (approx 40-50), and in my opinion most of then DO deal you a fair game however frustrating and unlikely it seems when you have a rotten run of luck at the tables! In my experience 'The Big Five' (MG, NetEnt, Rival, RTG & Playtech) all deal fair games, but the people that run casino's that use them do not necessarily give you a fair deal.

See Beginners Guide to Software for more detailed information.




Some casinos require you to download their software onto your computer before you can play.

Not very common these days – but I still by far prefer the “download experience”: The lobbys are generally a lot better than in browsers or on mobiles – and you often get more games.

Downloading only takes a couple of minutes, which means you can log in & start playing in a relatively short time.

Virtually all casinos also have ‘Flash’ versions that can be played in your Browser Window or Mobile Device without downloading – but the graphics quality is not usually as good.  There are also some softwares that are ONLY flash, with no downloadable version available.




Depositing is easy. The casinos will take your cash by any number of means in a matter of seconds!  In most of Europe, the majority credit or debit cards will be accepted, however some card providers will not allow deposits into gaming sites. 

Note that withdrawals can be made back to Visa and Visa Debit cards in most cases, but not to MasterCards. In this instance you will be paid by another method – usually by cheque. Also some card companies will charge you a ‘cash advance’ fee, treating the deposit the same as using your card to get cash from the bank.

In the USA I believe that almost all card providers do not allow such gaming transactions.  I’m sorry I can not give any detailed info on which cards are acceptable – you’ll have to investigate that for yourself by contacting any casinos you are thinking about signing-up to.


Withdrawing is a completely different story - you may need to be very patient.   Each different casino may ask you for different things before paying out.  This can be generalized by they type of software they are using (see Beginners Guide to Software), but there can be minor differences from place to place.  ALL casino’s will reserve the right to ask you for further identity information to prove you are who you say you are.  This is why it’s VERY important to enter correct & honest details when signing up to a casino, and to make sure you always read the banking T&C’s before you make your deposit.




Many people are worried about using their Credit Cards for online transactions.  With modern encryption technologies the risks are almost non-existent.  The biggest risk comes from giving your details to a ‘dodgy’ operator.  I personally have made over 1,000 credit/debit card deposits to online gambling sites, and only once had a problem back in 2001 after I had to fax a copy of my credit card to a ‘dodgy’ RTG site. 




By far the best way to fund your online gaming is by using a so-called E-Wallet.  This is a company that acts like an online bank.  You can then send this company a once-off amount to get you started, and then just move your funds into & out of various sites without having to repeatedly use your credit card.  My personal favorite is Neteller as it is accepted by nearly all gaming sites.  I only ever made one deposit of £200 to Neteller in November 2002 – but I’ve withdrawn £1,000’s!

I’ve also used Skrill, PayPal and EcoCard. 

These days you can even use Crypto-Currencies at some casinos: this is a very FAST method!

Most casino’s will clearly state which e-wallets they accept either at the bottom of their homepage, or in the ‘Banking’ section.


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