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Casino Grand Bay Casino is ROGUE and steals people’s money. Jupiter Club Casino has ripped off 100s of people. Bella Vegas Casino is evil and stolen money from 100s Fortune Junction is a rip-off casino Lake Palace Casino is ROGUE and steals people’s money. Jackpot Wheel casino is on a BLACKLIST - all players should avoid! Roadhouse Reels Casino is evil and stolen money from 100s Villa Fortuna is a rip-off casino and is BLACKLISTED



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Important Information:

As of the start of 2015, there were estimated to be 4,500+ different casinos online!

In my opinion, the vast majority of these range from “dodgy” to outright rogue.

It would be totally impossible for me to list all of the bad ones here – I only list the ones I know about personally from experience or from reading “watchdog” sites.

The only way for players to be safe, is stick to the good casinos I list throughout the rest of this website.   Of course, there are also some very good ones which I don’t list for various reasons – you can always contact me anytime & I will give my unbiased opinion.




Rogue RTG casinos

Although the software itself is very good and highly regarded by many players, it is a very sad & tragic fact that RTG themselves do not regulate the casinos using their software in any way at all.

As a consequence it is the popular choice for many rogue rip-off unregulated casinos who can basically do anything they like to their players & have no recourse from anywhere.


If you play at one of these places and are lucky enough to win, they will use every tactic in the book to try to avoid paying your legitimate winnings; from extreme slow paying in the hope you give up waiting and play it back, to making up false claims you broke their terms, or are a fraudulent player.


Please do not play at any of these places, even if only with free-chips – any play just encourages them to carry on promoting & trapping unsuspecting players.


Most of these casinos belong to just 2 or 3 groups, are ALL rogue and they WILL rip you off! L

American Circus

Club Player

Lock Casino (& Poker)

Royal Ace

American Grand

Club Regal

Lucky Aces

Royal Circus

Americas Online

Cool Cat

Lucky Coin

Ruby Slots Casino

Begado (NuWorks)

Crystal Palace

Lucky Palm

Silver Oak

Bet Royal

Dreams Casino

Lucky Pyramid

Silver Sands

Classy Coin

Grand Parker

On Bling

Slot Madness

Captain Jack

Lady Lucks

Palace of Chance

Slots Jungle

Casino Peru

Loco Panda

Pharaohs Gold

Slots of Vegas

Casino Titan

Gold Stream


Vegas Frontier

Cats Eye

Golden Nile


Vegas Riches


High Rollers Lounge


VIP Lounge


Jackpot Cash


Virtual Casino.

Club Mardi Gras

Jackpot Grand

Royal Ace

Wild Vegas

Club Pharma

Jackpot Kings

Royal Circus

Win Palace


Note: Not all RTGs are rogues; some are among the most highly regarded casinos on the net!

For a list of RTG casinos which are perfectly safe to play at, please click here.


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Rogue Playtech Casinos

I don’t really understand the thinking of these Casinos – the software itself IS very good – but it’s almost like they WANT to be among the shittiest casinos on the net!


Their rogue tactics fall into 3 main categories, with many casinos going for more than one:

1) They hold on to player’s Progressive Jackpot winnings. (See below for full info)

2) They ask players to supply NOTORISED documents for verification. (See below)

3) They use any excuse in the book to try to not pay players their legitimate winnings.


Holding Progressive Winnings

When a player plays any Major Network Progressive game, a small proportion of each and every bet gets sent to a “jackpot pool” of money at the software provider.

When a lucky player hits the Jackpot, the software provider either sends the full winnings direct to the player, or passes the funds to the casino to pay the player. All reputable casinos (including SOME Playtech casinos) give the player their full winnings in one lump sum payment.

BUT… some rogue casinos hold on to the money and impose their standard weekly or monthly limits, drip-feeding the cash to the player over a very extended period of time – we’re talking about anything up to 10 or more YEARS for the player to get their money!

This is totally immoral because the money DOES NOT belong to the casino and never has.

Rogue, rip-off, stealing money, theft, illegal, ripoff, rouge, complaint, stalling tactic, con, casino

Playtech Casinos who exercise this EVIL practice:

7Regal Casino


50Stars Casino

African Palace


Carnival Casino

Casino Bellini

Casino Del Rio

Casino Las Vegas

Casino King

Casino Tropez

City Club

City Tower

Club Dice

Crown Europe

Euro Grand

Euro Max Play

Europa Casino

Giant Vegas

Grand Reef Casino

Indio Casino


Joyland Casino

La Isla Online

Magic Box Casino

Majestic Comet

Noble Casino

Palace VIP Casino

Party Casino

Planet Kings

Prestige Casino

Prime Casino

Royal Dice

Sierra Star

Sky Kings

Super Casino

Swiss Casino

Titan Casino

Vegas Red

Vernons Casino

Winner Casino






Ludicrous Verification Demands

By far the VAST majority of online casinos are quite happy to accept scanned and e-mailed copies of Photo ID and utility bills by e-mail to verify that players really are who the say they are.

But an alarming number of Playtech Casinos ask players to firstly to get their documents Notarised, which is not only very inconvenient & time-consuming, but can also be expensive. Secondly, they are required to send these documents by traditional postal services to an address in the Philippines to be checked!

This totally unnecessary and ludicrous practice is probably just a way to make players think it’s not worth all the hassle and just play their winnings back to the casino.

Rogue, rip-off, stealing money, theft, illegal, ripoff, rouge, complaint, stalling tactic, con, casino

Playtech Casinos who exercise this EVIL practice:

(This list is work-in-progress – there are LOADS more to add…)

Casino Del Rio

Winner Casino













Other Rogue Playtechs

Listed here for various reasons, mainly making up excuses to delay or not pay genuine players.

Bet Royal


Black Widow

Casino Las Vegas



Giant Vegas


Grand Banks

Grand Online



Miami Beach

Monaco Gold.

Royal Dice

Sterling House


Vegas Red




Lists updated: 16-Dec-14


Notes: the above lists may not be comprehensive and some other Playtech casinos probably deserve to be included.

Some of these casinos may appear promoted elsewhere on this website – I am trying my best to remove them all ASAP, though in a few cases they will be left in place with clear warnings while I try to persuade the casinos to change their ways for the better.


For a list of Reputable Playtech Casinos who do not have these immoral policies;

Click Here!


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Rogue Rival Powered Casinos

To say that I am very disappointed to have to list any Rival casinos on this page would be a gross understatement! When the software first launched back in April 2006 everything looked very promising and for many years it was. The software is great, the games unique and entertaining, and they quickly became one of the most popular brands for players on the net.


Up until 2010 Rival casinos were all reputable & trustworthy, but then things started to go terribly wrong; not one single thing and not all Rival’s fault, but a combination of various factors (some of which affected ALL online casinos) caused cracks to appear, and finally, casinos to fail.


Please support fair play for all and DO NOT play at any of these Rival Casinos:



Reason for Roguing

Vegas Regal


July-30th 2011

They denied winnings to 2 different German players who had both played totally within the terms of the bonuses they were given:

1) No explanation was given – they paid less than 1/6 of the winnings, then just stopped responding to questions about the balance. Details on CM here.

2) They changed the terms of the bonus AFTER it had been claimed, then denied the winnings for a breach of the new rules! Details on CM here.

Planet 23

Closed down in August 2010 & later re-branded as Planet Kings Casino

Planet Kings

Was Planet 23 - new owners (Sept 2010) unknown and un-contactable - AVOID!

VIP Club

Generally AWOL since they first appeared mid-2010 and not answering e-mails.

Orange Gamez  

Operator quit, also in August 2010. Current ownership unknown.


A lot of player complaints of slow-pay and no-pay.


Lots of player complaints of slow-pay and no-pay.

Riviera Royale

Casino went AWOL in Dec-2011 (Closed down?). Not answering e-mails.



Highly NOT recommended:

(Not quite Rogue status, but “very Dodgy” at best – please avoid)

Supreme Play

21 Grand


Bet Pheonix

Riviera Royal

Always Vegas

Fortune Reel

Club Vegas


Tradition Casino

Vegas Days

Slots Jackpot

Casino Fiz.


Vegas Aces




For a list of Rival casinos which ARE perfectly safe to play at, please click here.



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Betfair rip-off their players!


Betfair is one of the biggest and most popular online betting groups in the whole of Europe, but now they are on the brink of a total catastrophe!


In November 2010 they launched a “Happy Hours” promotion for their online casino. But unfortunately they screwed up the T&C’s in THREE ways;

·        by having a WR which was too low.

·        allowing play on low house-advantage games.

·        letting players claim the same bonus over and over again.


Naturally many players took the generous promotion Betfair offered them, and many of them were able to win. Some players won LARGE amounts!


When Betfair realised their mistake, they added to it by making THREE more mistakes;

·        They confiscated the winnings of 100’s (or 1000’s?) of players, even though they played within the terms.

·        They claimed back money they had already paid out to players’ e-wallets and bank accounts.

·        They will not be paying back players who lost while doing the promotion.


Bottom line is; when a player makes a mistake, the player pays. When Betfair make a mistake, the player pays.


This is NOT the way to run a reputable organization and if Betfair don’t see common sense soon, they are going to be rogued by all the top “watchdog” sites, not to mention facing probable court action.

Dec-19 2010



Update: BetFair were rogued in January 2011.

Court actions against them are still ongoing (June 2011)



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *





Grand Privé Group turns bad!

This long established and previously very reputable group have committed an act which is unprecedented & totally unheard of before from any operator of Microgaming casinos.

In November 2008 they announced their marketing program would close on Dec-1st, and so their advertisers (webmasters) would no longer earn commission for their marketing work.


Everyone assumed that the casinos would be closing too. But the casinos are still open for business, which means that Grand Privé have broken contractual agreements with 100’s or even 1000’s of advertisers like myself.


Basically they have just stabbed us all in the back & are stealing money which was promised to us in a life-time agreement.


If they can treat their loyal business partners like this, how on earth might they treat their players???


These are all of their casinos:-


Villa Fortuna

Big Dollar

Casino Grand Bay

Roadhouse Reels

Bella Vegas

Lake Palace

Jupiter Club

Fortune Junction

Jackpot Wheel


If you are a member of any of these casinos, do not make any more deposits. But do not just ignore them, instead please send an e-mail to them saying you will be closing your account & not depositing any more and telling them exactly why.


If you like, you can just copy & paste this into your e-mail to save time:-


Dear <GP Casino>


I wish to close my casino account with immediate effect since I have learned that you have reneged on all your contracts with your marketing affiliates without warning.

I used to trust you with my money, but a breach of contract is even more serious that a breach of trust, so I will be taking my custom elsewhere.



<Your  Name>

<Your A/C number – if you know it>



Send your e-mails to:


(The same e-mail address is good for ALL their casinos)


If they reply with any bull denying what has happened, trust me - they are LYING!


Thank you very much for your support!




See what other sites have to say about Grand Privé casinos:


Gamesandcasino/blacklist (This site started the list linking idea)


Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP)

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA)


Microgaming Bonus Streak

Kasino King

Bonus Paradise

And many, many more… L





* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Curgam Malta Ltd, avoid all casinos in this group


This group were rogued for slow/no payment issues on Dec-22nd 2008 by Casinomeister here:-



Please do not promote or play at any of these casinos:

Mightyslots.com and Mightyslots.biz

Realvegasonline.com and Realvegasonline.biz

99slotmachines.com and 99slotmachines.biz

Plentyjackpots.com and Plentyjackpots.biz

Slotnuts.com and Slotnuts.biz (Mightyslotz.com will redirect here)





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