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If you want to make profit month after month like I do – just read all of this page!


At the time of adding this page, my website had been online for just over 11-months, and I decided that to celebrate its first birthday I would reveal for the first time ever, in great detail exactly how I manage to consistently make money online, 8 months out of every 9!


As you will know if you’ve read the rest of the site, I am a committed low-roller – I never place any big bets. I also never abuse bonuses by playing only the lowest risk games allowed by the casinos, preferring to switch between games in a “money management” strategy as described on my Winning Methods page.   I also play quite a lot on slot machines – thought by many to be a mugs game due to the high house advantage – but these can give you the opportunity to make big gains very quickly, as you will see in the tables below.


I have given two examples; First my log from Intercasino ($US) for January 2007 when I turned a $100 deposit plus $100 bonus into a $560 withdrawal.  Now it’s true that this huge figure was only achieved by two large slot wins, but that is the benefit of playing slots as mentioned above. However, even if you took those two big wins out of the equation I still would have cashed out something around $260 – a $160 profit!  The most important thing in my book is that after hitting those wins I did not change my betting style seeking even bigger wins, but stuck to my normal low-rolling pattern.  When you get a big win the last thing you want to do is give it back!






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Example one: InterCasino

For anyone not familiar with Crypto game logs, you start at the bottom and read upward.

These logs tell you exactly how much you wagered on what = best on the net by miles! J


Note: Sadly the Cryptologic Software was decommissioned around 2011 – a great loss to us all L






Notes: I was using the ‘Slots & Poker’ bonus (no Blackjack, Pontoon or other ‘21’ games allowed).

With this the Wagering requirement is Bx18 = $1800 in wagers.

I have manually added the names of the slots I was playing for clarity.



Below I analyse in more detail the play involved.  I have changed the order so it reads from top down and added an extra column to show my average bet size for each game. Note how I normally play the slots at the minimum bet level and just occasionally throw in a few spins at the next level up, hoping to get lucky – which is exactly what happened on Love Bugs!




No of Bets

Total Wager

Average bet size




Texas Hold’em




Bit of a high-risk game to start with, but good for turn-over. Managed to finish level.



Slots Hampstead’s




One of my favorite Crypto slots – but not playing nice today. Silly loss.



Slots Love Bugs




Another favorite; Nothing for ages, then got the feature on minimum bets (90c spin) and won $79.  Played on for a bit, and feeling lucky I upped bets to $2.25… on just the third spin I got the feature: Hit a x50, two small ones & 15 spins = $147.50!



Marvel Hulk




The best of the Marvels in my view, two good feature wins = nice profit!



Paigow Poker




Time for a bit more turn-over with this low house-advantage game.



Sweet Thing




I can’t resist this – though I know it’s bad for your wealth!  But this time I got lucky and hit a 1000:1 shot win…. Yummy!







Another teaser slot – more likely to lead to hair loss than monetary gain…



Marvel Blade




Decided to run though the Marvel’s looking for features – and it worked!




Silver Surfer




I almost hate this slot because nearly every time I get two Surfers old Galactic-arse spoils my feature L But this time I didn’t get a feature, just 4 purple-heads!



Marvel Thor




This is usually nasty to me, but a feature or two made a small profit.



Marvel Punisher




Keep looking for free-spins here, but rarely found. Other feature was good though.



Marvel DareDevil




Rarely play this one (poor feature), but again, got lucky this time.



Marvel Hulk




Back to good old greenie – but this time he bit me in the ass … Ouch!



Texas Hold’em




A few more rounds of cards to finish of the WR… but not very pleasant.



Paigow Poker




Peeved at dropping below $600, I tried to get back there, but soon gave up.



Total Wagered >










(From the above session)


The final result of the bonus feature:













+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +





Example two: 32Red

My second example shows how I use bonuses at MicroGaming casinos – playing almost exclusively bonus video slots.  I recently changed my style a bit to start of with up to 25 spins at a quite high level (for me) in case I hit an early feature, and then reverting to my ‘old’ style of starting low & gradually increasing the bet size.  Here I also low-roll, and my main target on each slot I play is to try to leave it without making a loss.  You will see that often if I get only slightly ahead (not enough profit to stop), I will stop when I fall back to break-even point.  

You can also see my plan sometimes goes out of the window & I blow far too much on some of  my favorite slots (usually Tomb Raider or Harveys!)



Below is the summary of my play. For the full details please click here!  This started out as just a $35 deposit, on which I got a $32 bonus. (WR = $1000; all games allowed – no low risk bets).

Half way through I got a surprise $50 Christmas bonus from those lovely people at 32Red (NO wagering requirements – one great perk of joining the MG with the best Customer Service on the net!). Even if you take this off my $350 withdrawal, I still made a nice $265 profit…





No of Bets

Total Wager

Average bet size



Bank after

Comments / Big wins

Santa Paws






Got 2 reasonable features, but never up much - quit level.

Ho ho ho






Above average 3 features in 157 spins, but again finished level.







Got the feature on spin 158; $36 off a 50c spin - but yet again; level.







Almost a feature blitz! 5 in 215 spins, also hit 4 scatters twice!

Jungle Jim






164 spins to get 1st feature, then 4 in 66. 5 snakes in 3rd one meant profit.

Bush Telegraph






6 features in 189 spins = small gain.

Stud Poker






Fancied cards for a change (very rare for me) - but very nice!

Tally Ho!






Accidentally bet too much, reduced & hit feature next spin.. Aaarrg!







Got 3 features - but all crap.

Xmas Bonus!






Surprise $50 Christmas Bonus – gotta love 32Red! J

Spring Break






Hit early feature (spin 15) so soon stopped.

Ho ho ho






Again, stopped soon after hitting feature on spin 82 to avoid negative.

Santa Paws






3 early features let me play longer, then hit mega $113 feature win off 80c spin!

Spring Break






Again an early feature - $35 from 36c, so stopped ahead.

What on Earth






2 features - second one was FIVE red rockets! ($36).

Pharaohs Tomb






First ever play on this - and probably last: What a SHIT slot!

Tomb Raider






2 features - second one was Four Lara's! ($37.50). Stopped having met WR.

Total Wagered >




< Total Profit from play (Add the $32 bonus = $265)




(From the above session)



With the wilds, there are 5 x A & 5 x Q behind the centre window.





The rockets alone paid $36 – the feature itself only added $3.60 (x10).





You can see the scatters paid $37.60 – the feature only added $3.30 L





To visit 32Red yourself, please click the banner below!






I use the above betting style at all the casinos I play.  There’s nothing complicated about it – I just low-roll, try to control my losses, and have fun!  For more great casino bonuses look here!


Note:  Although very successful in these two examples, these methods do not always work and I do suffer total blow-outs as often as big wins.  But the gains are usually much bigger than the losses and that is how I make my long-term profits. 




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