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There is absolutely no doubt that if I had never gambled in my life I would have been considerably better off than I was when I launched this website in 2006.   But we can not turn the clock back; all we can do (and must do) is learn from our mistakes. It took me over 20 years to learn from mine!

I first gambled at the age of about 14 or 15 when my older sister’s boyfriend took me to his local pub.  They had a Fruit Machine there which in those days I think was only about 2p/spin.  My cousin and I used to waste our pocket money on a glass of coke & this fun machine. 

For those who know what a Fruit Machine is, please skip the next paragraph!


For the benefit of those lucky readers who don’t have ‘Fruit Machines’ in their country -  this is a machine that looks fairly similar to a US Slot Machine, except that they have all sorts of feature games, holds, nudges, skill stop, flashing lights etc. The main difference though is that they are not random!  When the reels spin the position they stop in is not just by random chance, they are predetermined by the machines CPU.  It is extremely rare to get a win by just lining up 3 Fruits – most of the wins come from the result of entering the ‘Feature Game’ which is equally not random.  The other big difference is the payout ratio. In Vegas the slots payout around 95-98%, UK slots are normally around 78% and I have seen several in Motorway Service Stations set to 70%!!   Basically all they are is a machine that you put a ton of money into to watch a load of lights flash.  Even knowing this (as the majority of players do) they are still incredibly addictive and extremely hard to give up once you get hooked.   And the darned things are everywhere – pubs, clubs, take-aways, bus stations, train stations, airports, etc – you can’t get away from them!


When we left school and got our first job, we were still hooked on these infernal machines, and it was not unusual for us to pick up our pay-packet on a Friday, go straight down to the arcade and blow half our wages in just a couple of hours. As the years passed I carried on wasting money on the machines, but I never got into really serious debt – I only played with my ‘disposable income’. But looking back, it was such a waste.  If I had shoved that cash into the bank instead of a flashing lights machine I would have had literally £10,000’s saved up.  That sounds crazy, but look at the maths; Waste £20-30 two or three times a week = lets say £75 a week = £300 a month = £3,600 a year!


I realised that this was just plain silly, and it became a regular new-years resolution to stop playing the Fruities. The word ‘regular’ indicates my success rate! In my best ever year I actually managed to stop playing them from January to September, but have not got anywhere close to that since. (Yes, I do still occasionally play them now!)


I first got interested in casino play sometime in the mid 90’s, and made a few trips to our nearest one which was the Grosvenor Casino in Brighton – 35-miles away.  Because of the distance I only went about 6-7 times a year.  I played BlackJack with reasonable success, and kept trying various Roulette schemes that I invented – also with some success.  Overall I guess I lost, but it was less loss than playing fruities & far more fun!   In the late 90’s the casino put the Blackjack minimum up from £2/hand to £5/hand, and the minimum Roulette chip up from 25p to 50p. This pretty much put a stop to my casino visits because if I couldn’t go and be guaranteed to get at least a few hours entertainment for £100, I was not going to bother.


Around this time I also started dabbling in Horse Race betting. Like all my gambling, I would develop ‘schemes’ to try to increase my chances of success. With horses I would select one runner from all the races on a Saturday using newspaper tipsters, and then bet on each one, increasing my stake each time I did not get a winner.  This was fun and sometimes successful, but very time consuming.  The biggest flaw with this plan of course, was I would often lose on 5-6 races and end up winning on a hot favourite which had only tiny odds that did not cover my previous losses!  Or even worse, that I wouldn’t get a winner in 6-7 races and would ‘bottle out’! My next plan was based on having a ‘pool’ of funds and then betting a fixed % of this pool on only the hot favourites. As the pool increased, so did my bets, and vice-versa.  I did this for several months and it did actually work, but the problem with this one was again the amount of time involved. I would have to spend 1-2 hours studying the form & tips etc to pick my horses and some days I would frustratingly conclude there wasn’t one worth betting on. So I soon stopped.


It was during this horse experiment in January 2001 that I bought my first ‘Internet ready’ PC.   The main purpose of this was so I could place my horse bets online, rather than the inconvenience of having to take a trip to the bookies, or phone them up. So the first thing I did when I got online was sign up to William Hills online sportsbook.  It was not long before I started looking for online casinos and naturally William Hills was the first one I joined.  Amazing to think really, that more than 6 years later Will Hill is still my favourite casino!  The others I recall joining in those early days were Alps, Roman, Grand Online, and best of all I discovered Intercasino!

But at first I fell into the most dangerous trap of online casinos; when you mix 24hr availability in your own home, a credit card with a high credit limit, and a false belief that your betting pattern really can beat the odds and the casino… you get a recipe for disaster!


I soon got hooked, and would make deposit after deposit, each time in the hope that I could somehow recover my earlier losses.  One thing that sticks in my mind was I got four-of-a-kind 3 times within a couple of months playing Let-it-Ride at Will Hills. These wins were very nice, but this unusual occurrence only helped to fuel the idea that I could win online. (I think I have only ever hit 1 four-of-a-kind since!)

I did not keep records then, but I estimate I must have lost £1,000 - £1,500 from Jan to April.  At the end of April my total credit card debt was £3,900 (not all from gambling!) and I knew I had to stop.  But I also knew that it was going to be extremely hard to give up gambling which had become an integral part of my life – so I decided to just give up losing instead!  I came up with the ‘other other plan’ (Monty Python fans will get that!); I would only deposit if I was getting at least 100% match bonus; I would meet the WR and then stop & move on to the next casino and the next bonus.  My main target each month became not to try to beat the casino & win a fortune – but just to finish the month without making an overall loss.  Another bonus hunter was born…

The rest, as they say, is history! 


I never imagined this plan would be so successful, but 6-years later it’s still working! From May 2001 onwards I recorded every deposit, every bonus, every win, every loss, every withdrawal, and later even details of which games I played & their results at every casino I played!  This is how I know exactly how much profit I have made each month since May-01.


This plan literally changed my life.  It was a very slow process, but winning really is twice as good as losing. When you think about it, it’s a double whammy for your debts - if you make £200 profit from gambling in a month where you would previously have lost £200 – you are actually £400 better off!  By November 2003 I had paid off ALL my credit card debts (not all debt from gambling!), which is a very, very nice feeling.  Since then my winnings have helped buy stuff for the house, a wireless laptop for me (so I can play online anywhere in the house or garden!), and I even used my Neteller ATM card for all our spending money when me ‘n’ the missus went to my favourite place on the planet in May 2004!  (Las Vegas – where else???)


In August 2004 I was scanning the web for some casino advice sites, when by chance I came across the CasinoMeister Online Casino Watchdog site.  Turns out this is the best casino guide & forum on the internet!   It was great to find this community of fellow gamblers who share a common interest; because most of my friends & family think a BlackJack is a little chewy sweet! J You will find me lurking there most evenings, sharing and learning useful casino info (and amusing banter!) with other players. 

It was here that I found the ‘Winner Screenshots’ thread of great slot & VP wins, and it was due to this that I started playing slots at that time.  I was apprehensive at first, expecting them to be like UK ‘Fruit Machines’, but they are totally different animals and I have had some great fun & super results from them.  (Some pretty bad disasters too!)  I’m not saying I’ve made great profit from them, but it’s interesting that I made over 3 times more profit in 2005 including slots play, than I did in 2004 mostly not playing them…


For a full month-by-month breakdown of my casino results see; KK’s personal results log.















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