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Screenshots are a great way to record your great wins (or diabolical bad luck) especially good for slots, as you will have seen on various pages on this site.  This is a basic guide of how to make & save them, based on using the latest Windows operating system. (If you’re still using Windows XP, Click Here).


Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Step-By-Step Guide

(Extra notes in blue)


Note: I know this looks like a HUGE and COMPLICATED list of instructions – but trust me, once you have done it & got the hang of it you will have your shot saved and/or uploaded in less than 60 seconds!


  1. Open your “Paint” program.
    If you don’t have a shortcut:
    Windows 7: Click on the Windows Logo – bottom LEFT of your screen. Point at All Programs (a list should appear). Click on the Accessories folder, find & click on Paint.
    Windows 8: Swipe from the right and use the Search function to find “Paint”

  2. Make sure the white work area is smaller than 680 x 480 pixels.
    Either use the Resize button, or just point to the tiny box at the far bottom RIGHT of the area, press & hold your left mouse button, and drag the image smaller.

  3. Go back to the Window containing the Casino (or anything else you want to copy)

  4. Hold down the “Alt” or “Alt GR” button just to the RIGHT of your space-bar & press “Print Screen” or “Prt Scr” button (usually toward the RIGHT of the top row of buttons on a keyboard)
    Holding the “Alt” button ensures you only capture the active Window – and not EVERYTHING on your screen!

  5. Go back to “Paint”, hold down “Ctrl” (Bottom LEFT of your keyboard) and press “V”
    Your image should appear in the work area.

  6. If you want to post your shot on a forum, you need to check/change the size. If you don’t want to post, but just keep it for your own reference – just save it!

  7. Click on “Resize”.
  8. Select the “Pixels” option at the top. Make sure the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” box IS ticked.
  9. Change the VERTICAL figure to 480 and click “OK”.
    If the Horizontal figure is still more than 680, un-check the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” box and change the Horizontal figure to 680.

  10. Click on the dark blue “File” pull down menu – top LEFT.
  11. Click on “Save As”
  12. Locate the folder you want to save your shot in. Or create a new one.
  13. Give your shot a name in the “File Name” box.
  14. MOST IMPORTANT! Change “Save as type” to “JPEG”
  15. Click on “Save” – and you’re done!


Graphics showing the key steps:








To Upload your shot to CasinoMeister (or any other forum)


  1. Write the text for your post in the normal way.
  2. Scroll down a bit, find & click on “Upload a File” – an explorer window (or similar) will pop up.
  3. Locate and select your screenshot on your computer – then click “Open”
  4. Your picture will then upload to the forum and a thumbnail appears just below your post.
  5. Make sure your curser is where you want the picture, then click “Full Image”.
  6. You can add more pictures if you wish; Just go back to step 3.
  7. Submit your post – and you’re done!



If I’ve missed anything, or you need more help – just e-mail me!

KK  @  KasinoKing.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing your shots on the net!




Here are some of my personal all-time favourite shots (so far…)!





(The win was £605 – I only just caught the shot before it span again, hence win shown as zero)



(May 28th, 2007)



That’s a $2.50 spin which paid out $2001.50 = 800 x cost of spin! J

The win was: Any 5 of a kind in column 5 with 5 the same on any horizontal line pays 8000 to 1.

(and I had just upped my bets from my usual 10c/line…. J )




July 2007; a $478 win from a 75c spin:

(This was hit on the last free-spin, with all bets x6)




December 2008 – a fabulous $2002 win from a $6 spin:

(Ended up making a $2,350 profit from a $200 deposit!)




July 2009 – Several re-triggers lead to €1028 from a €4 spin:



Note: That was the old Buzzluck – when it was RTG!



Jan 2011 – my biggest win EVER!

(£4.50 spin: £2,250 for the 5 scatters = £2,361 after the free-spins were finished!)




July 2014: Bet x1,528 on Count Spectacular!

(Messed up getting a proper screenshot – but the play log shows what I hit)

This game is available at all RTG Casinos




Same month – July 2014: a totally unexpected bet x 1,015 on Red Flag Fleet!

This game can be played at Redbet Casino




April 2015: Hit this screen full of wilds on my way to a Bet x1,015 win!

The Wish Master is available at ALL NetEnt casinos





To see my “ScreenShot of the Month” from January 2005 to 2011, please see

the right-hand column on this page: KK’s Month by Month Results Log










Windows XP

Anyone still using this???

(Click HERE for Windows 7+)


  1. Somewhere at the top right of your keyboard you should have a ‘Prt Scr’ (Print Screen) button. To create your basic shot, just press this button – this will capture everything on your whole screen. 
  2. To capture only the active window, hold down the right-handAlt GR’ key before pressing Prt Scr.    

      (If using a MS Multimedia keyboard, make sure the F-lock is off first!)


1. Capture whole screen:


2. Capture active window only:



  1. Next, open MS Paint and click on ‘Edit’ then ‘Paste’.  This will reproduce your shot.
  2. You can then save it onto your hard drive by using “File“, “Save as” (I suggest you create a special folder for your shots – I have a different one for each software type).
  3. NOTE: When you save, Paint automatically defaults to “Bitmap” format which creates a very large file on your disk (photo quality). To save space, save as “Jpeg”.  With my example shot used below Bitmap was 1.544MB, but Jpeg was only 0.156MB. The quality is only slightly less.
  4. You can see how big your file is by clicking “Image”, “Attributes


4. Save as type


6. Check your file size



  1. If you want to upload your shot onto a website such as CasinoMeister (to show off!) you need to make sure it is small enough to be accepted. E.g. at CM max is 640x480 pixels & 195KB
  2. Change the size by clicking “Image”, “Stretch/Skew” and change the Horizontal & Vertical % - normally about 70-80% is OK.  Check the size again afterwards, as in (6) above.*  Don’t forget to save your file again after re-sizing!
  3. When you write your post, scroll down & look for “Manage Attachments”. Then click “Browse” and locate the shot on your computer. Finally click “Upload” (the software will tell you if the file is too big), wait until it’s done and click “Close window” to finish.


8. Change size

(Max 640 wide x 480 high)


9. Upload to forums

Note: This is the OLD forum – pre 2011



* Tip: When changing the size you may end up with a badly distorted/blurred image.  If you have Excel97 paste your original onto a spreadsheet, right click & reduce size, then copy & paste into Paint as above. With later versions of Excel or Word (2003+) this doesn’t work, but you could try reducing the size on your document & then taking a new screenshot…?






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