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Let me give you a few reasons why I believe my site is better than most other casino guides:


©      I have been an online casino player myself since 2001; playing nearly every day since then.

©      I have signed up to and played at literally 100’s of online casinos using my own money.

©      I read player forums every day, visit industry events and regularly read gaming news articles.

©      Most other sites just give you the name of the casino and how big their bonus is, but miss out vital bits of information, like what is the Wagering Requirement? What is the maximum bet? How quick do they pay?
Some don’t even say which software the casino uses or which countries are or are not accepted!
Here ALL this info is in a very easy “at a glance” format.

©      I wade through masses of T&Cs to get this information, so that YOU don’t have to!

©      I have special pages of who has the Best Welcome Bonuses and Freebies.

©      No rogue casinos – I only list casinos that I would (and do) trust with my own money.


For more information – please read on…


The sole purpose of this website is to guide players who fancy a little flutter online to only the very best, honest and trustworthy Online and Mobile Phone casinos.   This page is specifically designed to help new or novice players learn “the ropes” as quickly as possible, so please spare me a few minutes of your time for me to tell you why I think I am well qualified to provide this advice.


I have been gambling at online casinos virtually daily since January 2001 and right from that very early time I was pretty good at making money from them, that’s why I adopted the name “Kasino King” back in 2002. In fact, by being a “bonus hunter” I made profit for 9-years straight online!


Back in my early years, bonus terms were MUCH more player-friendly with wagering as low as Bonus x18 and even very low house-edge games (like Blackjack, PaiGow Poker and Roulette) counted fully in the wagering.   As internet casinos became more popular, increasing numbers of people became aware that these bonuses were a source of “easy money”, and so slowly and surely the casinos increased the wagering needed and reduced the weighting on the low-edge games to protect themselves from “Bonus Hunters” and “Advantage Players”.   The terms soon became so restrictive, that it was not really worth taking bonuses to play Table Games – they were really only any good for Slots play, which is one reason why this website is “slots focused”. (The other reason is, I just LOVE playing slots!)


Sometime around 2005 I switched from playing Card Games to Slots and I must admit, that even I was surprised that I was still able to make profits taking bonuses and using slots only to make the wagering.   The great thing about slots, of course, is that it is possible to win many 100 x your bet from a single spin – something you can NEVER do with Blackjack or Roulette!


By 2006 I’d got so fed up with looking in vain for websites giving the information I needed when seeking out new casinos to try (mainly the key terms of their welcome bonuses), I decided to make my own! All my casino pages feature “At a Glance” bonus info – taking the ball-ache out of searching.


I have signed up to and played at over 280 different online casinos and 25+ poker sites, I read player forums every day, visit industry events (where I meet some of the casino operators face-to-face) and read gaming news articles, so without wanting to sound too big-headed, I do know a LOT about online casinos.   When I first look at a new casino I haven’t previously reviewed, it normally only takes me a minute or two to decide if it’s a goodie or a baddie, despite the claims that “we are the best thing since sliced bread” that nearly all casinos claim on their websites!


Back when I started in 2001 there were probably only a few dozen casinos online with only a few 100 different games between them and with very simple bonus terms & conditions.   Now in 2015, there are estimated to be close to 5,000 online casinos, with literally 1,000’s of different games and some very complicated T&Cs.   Several new casinos open every single week, and something like 30 new games are released every month.   It honestly makes my mind boggle, so I can’t imagine what any “newbies” make of it today!  



Newbie’s Guide

I could quite easily write an entire encyclopaedia on the subject on Online Casinos – but who actually reads encyclopaedias? Exactly!

So on this site I try to convey all the most important information with as few words as possible – no waffle and no bullshit. To help me achieve this I do use quite a lot of common abbreviations, so if you are totally new to this world, please take a couple of minutes to read my Terminology Page.


These are the main abbreviations you need to know in order to make the most of this site:





Sign-Up Bonus: The first bonus you are offered when joining a new casino. Also sometimes called a Welcome Bonus or First Deposit Bonus.





Wagering Requirements: When you take a bonus, this is the amount you usually need to bet before being allowed to cash out. *

This involves Wagering a set amount of money on specified games. e.g. If you played 100 spins on a slot machine @ €1 per spin, you will have wagered €100 towards your WR, regardless of whether you won or lost during those spins.

* With SOME bonuses you can cash-out without finishing the WR – see Terminology Page.




D, B, and D+B

Used in conjunction with WR – this is how you work out how much you need to wager:

D = Deposit

B = Bonus Chips

(D+B) = Deposit + Bonus Chips





Cashable Bonus: As soon as you complete the WR for your bonus, you can cash-out everything; Deposit + Bonus Chips + Winnings.





Phantom Bonus: When you have completed the WR for your bonus and make your first withdrawal request, the amount of the original bonus is deducted from your account.

i.e. You can only cash-out; Deposit + Winnings and NOT the Bonus Chips.





This is a general term used, which actually means the Games Provider – the companies who actually produce the casino games. e.g. Microgaming is the leading brand of software and Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is the next most popular.

It is important to know which software each casino has before you sign-up, so that you’ll know if they have your favourite games or not.








Newbie FAQs

Never played an online casino before? Please read these VITAL things you need to know:








Is it safe?

All the casinos listed on this website are 100% safe and secure. Any information you supply them is totally confidential. I have personally played at over 280 different casinos since 2001 and never had any problems at any one of these regulated and licensed sites.

When you win and cash-out – you WILL get paid. (If no T&Cs were broken)




Are the games fair?

Absolutely yes. I only list casinos whose games have been fully tested and audited by 3rd party regulators. All games are run from a true RNG which means, for example, card games and roulette play exactly the same as they would in a real casino.

The slots are also 100% random and have pay-outs typically in the 95%-97% range, which is much better than you’ll find in arcades and real casinos!




Bonuses – what’s the catch?

Just about all casinos offer fairly large bonuses to tempt you to give them a try. The only “catch” is that in most cases you have to meet the specified Wagering Requirements (WR) before you are allowed to cash-out anything (including your deposit). These days there are many different types of bonuses; for full info, please see: Beginners Guide to Bonuses.




What about all those T&Cs?

Like all responsible businesses, online casinos have to have terms to protect themselves from fraud and abuse. It is ABSOLUTLY VITAL that you read ALL the T&Cs connected to any bonuses you take to ensure you comply with the rules. Failure to do so could result in the loss of your bonus and winnings.

Also it is wise to check the General T&Cs for these key points:

Ø  Are you allowed to play from your country of residence?

Ø  Are there any maximum bet limits while using bonuses? (Might not be in bonus terms)

Ø  Are there any limits on how much you can withdraw at one time?

Ø  By what method will you be able to withdraw? (This is not always the same way you deposit)




What age must I be?

You must be at least 18-years old to play at any online casino. Some casinos and some countries may have a higher requirement – if in doubt, check with the casino.




Will I have to supply I.D. documents?

Almost certainly. Because of the delay it would cause, casinos do not ask for ID before you deposit – the vast majority only ask when you come to withdraw. Some will allow a certain value of withdrawals before asking, but that’s rare.

You will usually be asked to supply the following:

Ø  A form of Government Issued photo ID (Passport, ID card or Driving License)

Ø  A recent utility bill in YOUR name and YOUR address.

You might also be asked to verify other details about your deposit method.

For this reason, it is VITAL that you only supply 100% correct personal information when you sign-up – if anything is found to be false when you come to cash-out, it is very likely that your winnings will be confiscated.




My country is not mentioned  in your casino info – can I still play?

You will have to check the T&Cs of each individual casino as they are all different and it depends on which software they use, where they are based and where licensed.

Generally speaking the following are usually accepted at most casinos:

Ø  All of Western Europe (often Eastern Europe countries are blocked)

Ø  All countries in North and South America (except no USA at most casinos)

Ø  All of Australia, Asia and Africa (where legal in each country)




Anything else?

If you have any other questions about online casinos, please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask! I check my e-mails nearly every day and promise to reply ASAP.

Send your questions to: KK@KasinoKing.co.uk








So which are the BEST casinos?



Like most things in life, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – which means, different people like different things and we all have different favourites for different reasons.   This is why I list over 200 different casinos on this website – to give players the widest possible choice.

Only time and your personal experience will ultimately lead you to the casinos which you think are best, but to get you started on the journey, I will suggest a few here which I personally rate very highly as a player myself.

To visit the casino’s websites, just click on their name – this does not download anything.


No UK, USA, Australia or Canada >

Vera & John

This casino has many 100’s of games from the world’s leading suppliers, including MG, NetEnt, IGT, Bally, Williams, etc…  It is also a casino where I have had a lot of luck as a player!

Customer service is top-notch, and cash-outs are fast.


No USA  players >

32Red Casino

32Red have won the enviable title of best Microgaming casino on the net for the last 10 years.

Everything about them is professional, fair & generous; from their excellent customer service & fast cash-outs to their superbly generous bonuses.

This casino has the full MG download suite available – over 700 games to choose from!

Welcome Bonus: 320% up to €/£160, WR Bx40, Cashable.

New players from the UK get a £10 Free Chip – No deposit required!


All countries OK >

(Including USA)

Casino Extreme

Being online since 2001, Casino Extreme is one of the oldest and most well established casinos on the internet today. One of their core principles has always been to pay their players as quickly as possible – something we all want. Verified players can request their cash-outs be “fast tracked” and they will be processed immediately, being virtually instantly received to web-wallets or BitCoin.

Please see our RTG Page for information on their Free Chip & Welcome Bonus.


Most  countries OK >

(Including USA)

(No Canada)

Superior Casino

This casino has been around since 2007 and has also been very popular with visitors to my website – particularly American players, who have less places to play than most.

Using Rival Gaming software, they offer players a vast range of different bonuses to suit every taste and have a reputation for some of the fastest cash-outs anywhere on the net!

They also give all new players a $25 free chip to try out their games just for signing-up – no deposit required!
















A little bit of KK history:



This site started out in March 2006 with just a handful of pages, but as time went by I added more and more stuff until by the end of 2014, I had ended up with over 100 pages crammed with (hopefully) useful information. 

However, doing absolutely everything on the site myself takes up vast amounts of time and it became impossible for me to keep all that data up-to-date, so I went through to make the site leaner, fitter and smarter!


Some pages went, new ones were added and some were condensed. (That was early 2015).


But the site was still too big and frankly “messy” so I started another mass “spring clean” at the beginning of 2018.

After 3 months and 100’s of hours of blood sweat & tears, this new version went live April 18th, 2018.

I think it’s MUCH better – and I hope you’ll agree!


Thanks for reading!






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